Held in Abeyance

Held in Abeyance


The death throes of autumn have finally receeded

as the muffled drums of winter steadily begin their desultory beat

Nature retreats amidst cold winds, frost, sleet and ice

to clouds laden with snow waiting to the unleash their confetti


We shrink and cower by open fire sides with toasting forks

 to sleep wrapped in overcoats and gloves under weighty blankets

We sip mulled wine and create exotic stews to tease our appetites

as the day light hours wither away into foreboding darkness


Summer is a distant melody of forgotten thoughts under shady trees

autumn a fading spectacle of decay and falling leaves has been and gone

Hopes turn to Christmas to give cheer and merriment, the tinsle of hope

then sleep some more until the birds sing again to greet a new dawn

◄ They danced the Tango

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keith jeffries

Tue 24th Nov 2020 16:28

Aisha, Stephen A and Trevor,

I value your time in reading and commenting on this poem. It is a constant source of encouragement.

Thank you

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trevor homer

Tue 24th Nov 2020 10:32

I always admire the ambition of your poetry Keith. The wordplay, use of metaphor and intention to stretch your creative powers and the readers imagination is always apparent. Cheers Trevor

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