The Divide of Prejudice

The Divide of Prejudice


We were young and adventurous

curious about the world and ourselves

Our friendship had been forbidden

as we came from different religions


He was catholic and I was not

bigotry had seized upon our young souls

One day he took me to his church

where I glimpsed its interior and splendour

We dared not speak of this exploit


We always met some distance from where we lived

to avoid prying eyes which lay hidden behind net curtains

Once together we spoke avidly of our day

of school, lessons, teachers and the like


I took him him to my church in a large graveyard

he was afraid to go inside as he said it was a sin

I felt sad for him and myself at such fear and 

prejudice, generated by adults

After all they were places of welcome


Behind the church was a high wall which we scaled

to fall together amongst overgrown weeds

There we rummaged in each others clothing

exploring another and sinful pleasure


To my amazement I discovered that we were different

closer inspection revealed something new as we were not quite the same

Perhaps our religions had made them this way to keep us apart.

we were quite bemused by our discovery

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Rose Casserley

Fri 6th Nov 2020 22:46

There isn't a single thing wrong with any religion, as long as it is not abused by those who use it for their own misguided purposes

ie-The Arena bomber and Co.

Another gem from the KJ poetry treasure chest!

Rose 💋

Nicola Beckett

Fri 6th Nov 2020 20:17

I think religion creates divides and humankind not God. Church yards seem to be the favourite places for kids to hang out even now. They smoke cannabis and hang around, but rolling around behind the gravestones sounds fun, might do that on my next date. However it's dark and cold and muddy. Maybe not. X

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 6th Nov 2020 20:13

An alternative title might be guessed as "Circumspect about circumcision". 😉

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