Grammar school

wish I went
because after I've spent
so many time writing a piece
the reviewer tells me that I 
an apostrophe. Forgot a comma and a letter

I'm a green writer - I can do better.
Roll on and maturity is what I need 

''If you live for their acceptance, 
you'll die from their rejection.''

Lecrae said that in a rap song
guys got a couple of Grammys but
I think his music is hardly known because...
that's all off-topic...this is about me, myself and

and how I get a little 
when my work seems to be rejected 
but that's a weak mindset. The reviewer is
giving me constructive criticism. I'm the one who 
is breaking down myself. Have to remember why I do this 

First and foremost, I write to glorify the name, Jesus Christ 
I'm an advocate for the faith walk I struggle to live out but 
say that I am willing to die for. I picked up the pen to express 
my mind. Lord renew my mind and give me the grace to grow 
as a writer who shares truth and life; a writer that knows when to...                         go to grammar school


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