All I ever wanted was to be me 
All you ever wanted was me to be 
a mirror of your 'pristine' image 

Of course, I aimed to please 
I was your dog on chain 
with no hope for release
but that was bound to change 

My dear, pigs don't 
and hell will never freeze over 
but just like that Frozen song - 
Let it go! Let it go! Let it go! 

U and I are separated by an O, 
an O for ocean - not Pacific nor pacifist 
My X You can Z the end so don't ask Y. 

Moving on. My life has been set in motion 
by One who has given me the mandate to live
really live.

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Domestic Drama (Part 2) ►


Jemima Jones

Mon 8th May 2017 12:09

clever! clever!clever! and very much enjoyed Juan.Thank you.Jemima.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 8th May 2017 08:18

enjoying your enjoyment of experimenting with words and ideas Juan.

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