Domestic Drama (Part 2)

I could probably break his hand 
or end it all -slaughter the man
if I had a chainsaw, 
I could cut them to pieces in their sleep
starting with my sister snoring in my bed 

then bring the broom 
try to sweep away the evidence 
take out the trash
feed the dog and cats raw meat 

'you'll probably be caught 
but then you can plead insanity'

Wait, this is insanity
this is really crazy 
this train of thought is not mine

I actually...

domestic life

◄ Sigh,

Unrequited Love ►


<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 10th May 2017 08:32

do the three dotted lines... indicate a pending part 3?

It really is crazy the way our thoughts run away with themselves into some very scary territory.


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