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I’m grateful for the time I got,
Lord knows I never thought I’d amount to a lot,
But I’m happy, with what I’ve achieved given that I never even thought I’d get a shot,
And all those misspent days of youth,
Where I burnt the candle at both ends and in the middle,
 Mean that it’s no riddle why I am the way am, that’s just the truth,
And if I needed proof I’d see my Doctor,
Or ask anyone that ...

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Years, Miles And Sunlit Smiles

A thousand miles of scattered dreams lie between us,

But I can still see you,

Still see that iridescent smile,

That shines on each and every one and each and every mile,

And it warms me,

It casts a light that warms my soul,

Makes me feel like the halves of, "We," are once again whole,

But they're not,

And it's like, just for that briefest moment I forgot,

But that's ok,


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Show Me Your Brave Face

Show me your bravest face,

The one you use to keep your fears in their place,

The one you show the world when it tries to scare you,

When it wants to hurt you but just wouldn't dare to,

Show me that face,

The one that inspires,

That lights fires,

In the hearts and minds of those around you,

And let them astound you,

By showing you theirs,

Let them prove to you that it...

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The Temple Ruins

The temple slowly crumbles as the passing years take their toll,

The prayer wheels no longer rumble on their spindles as they roll,

Worn spindle thin by the passing wishes of a thousand hands,

Scorn mingled in with a lasting feeling no-one understands,

The rivulets of rain have washed the features from the faces,

They stimulate the brain and lock the speeches in their places,


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River's Edge

Find me, mid afternoon,

Hidden away, where the songbirds croon,

Drifting on their whistled wishes,

Running my hand through the bullrushes,

Knowing, not where I'm going,

And caring less than I'm knowing,

Bye bye, to all the noise that I dread,

I'm going down, to the river's edge,

And I say, all the rains, will bring us riches,

Jewels of sky to wash out the ditches,


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Spoken Fears & Token Tears

The world is broken and token tears are wept by those who slept through the decline,
The people choke upon the smoke as spoken fears are swept under burning pines,
There are those that wish to tell us all is well and that we need not fear the licking flames,
Nor all the waste that chokes the fish or heat that burns the forests in their names,
Carry on as normal, buy our oil and plastic, it wil...

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2 to 1

I have two ears and one mouth and use them in just that proportion,

I like to listen twice as much as I speak, it's true to say,

It's wise to pay attention, to cut out all distortion,

As I might learn something that I didn't know this way,

And though I have opinions, I'll avoid the hard temptation,

To, "Bump my gums," incessantly in order to be heard,

For if we truly listen to ea...

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Sticks and stones may break your bones, that's what we used to say,

We always knew it to be true that words could hurt as well,

But we were raised by warriors who'd faced true evil every day,

And they knew you either toughened up or your life would be hell,

A generation that had seen the true horrors of man,

That fought through raining bullets to defend your right to speak,

A gen...

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True Names

Show me your true name, the one you can't disguise,

That no-one can pronounce but is written in your eyes,

The one that hides in plain sight in your averted gaze,

The one you keep from passers by and save for he who stays,

Please show me that name, that's carved upon your soul,

For I that know the half of you would like to know the whole,

Let me see it naked, with all it's fragil...

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Yesterdays Tomorrows

Know why it's an, "Adventure," to live in the moment?

'Cos if you look into tomorrow the vision that confronts you,

Is all the same old yesterdays coming round again,

And that simply just won't do.


Know when you realise that adventures not your thing anymore?

When, "Living on the edge," fills your heart with dread and sorrow?

It's when you look back on all those, "Yesterdays...

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Four Rings

A solitary ring of gold marks marks the move from child to man,

Gifted by the man who brought this child into the world,

One more golden band sits, third finger, left hand,

And represents true, undying love for the girl,

Then one of Titanium holds the strength of forty years,

And represents the gift of truly knowing who I am,

And finally the largest, cast in silver, represents th...

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