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There is no preaching to be had here,
No misguided self righteousness papers over the cracks, 
No delusions of grandeur nor knotted ball of fear,
Just open eyes, open ears and an open mind to both opinions and facts,
Open eyes to see past the ugliest acts of humanity, 
And to truly appreciate the beauty held within, 
To read between the lines of insecure insanity, 
And see where madness ends and clarity begins, 
Open ears to hear the muffled cries of pain and torture, 
Locked deep within the warlords angry raging cry,
To find and value truth and show deception no quarter, 
To hear wisdom even in the wittering of fools, and know why,
Which brings us to the keystone, a mind that’s truly open, 
To understand these whispered words, these things hidden from sight,
That they might be revealed and not remain unspoken, 
Nor ever dwell within the depths, hidden from the light,
Open to the frailties and brokenness of living, 
Open to the spectrum that is hid within the light,
Open to the strength that is patient and forgiving, 
And open to the fact that it won’t always be right.

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