Hush The Winds


Hush the wind that whispers in my ear,
Still the turning of the world, 
Brush the cobwebs from my eyes, that I might see clear,
Uncurl the words that upon my tongue lay curled, 
Unwind the threads that lay twisted in my mind,
Unravel the thoughts of untamed doubt,
Let the chains of uncertainty, fall and be left behind, 
Those are bindings I can live without, 
Dispel the mists and coiling wisps of fear,
Their touch is just a little too damp, too cold,
Clear the clouds from the skies, clear the air, clear the atmosphere, 
Clear the way, and let the way ahead unfold, 
Lift from my mind this fog of indistinction,
Lift from my heart this clawing, clinging beast, 
Lift from my soul this weight of dereliction, 
Lift it all and let me find release,
Let me empty my baggage out upon the road behind,
That I may more lightly take the road ahead,
With a mind that is clear and eyes that are no longer blind,
Let a part of me die so the rest can live instead.

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