Here And Now

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The past falls away behind me as Autumn leaves blown in the winds,
The future stretches out from here, in the uncertain threads of a dew soaked web,
Only the present, the absolute, “Here and now,” where history ends and chance begins,
Has any bearing on the things that must be done, the words that must be said,
The things that have gone before, have gone forever,
Only their lessons are now of any use to me,
And the things that are yet to come, may come now, or never,
But only, “Now,” is prepared to bare its truth to me,
And I’ve lived in the past and been lost in its regrets,
And cast my mind to the future to many times to list,
And the futility of both caused me to forget,
That only the ever present moment persists,
And here in that rolling, “Now,” and, “Now again,”
Lies the lesson that no fear, nor longing can resist,
For all the, “Maybes,” and, “If onlys” that plague the minds of men,
It’s only in the, “Here and now,” that I truly exist.

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