“I ate you” I said,

Bitter, hard hearted affair

I keep repeating.

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Cold Hearted

Cold Hearted


the calming time

cotton wool squeak

beneath my feet

the air

crisp with cold

crystal palaces

cut from ice

nose and mouth

streaming mist

vivid blue sky

the lake cupped

by mountain hands

in a caring gesture

frozen feet deep

covered with snow


the calming time

distant voices

carried on a

biting breeze

cheeks frost rouged


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lake louisewintermemorieslovethe titanic didn't crash here but it feels so cold




Just imagine

Lying in a crib of straw

Staring at a star

Hanging over the barn

That whistles

With the soughing wind

Prizing at the flimsy wood

That keeps the night at bay


Just imagine

Your future laid before you

In pre-ordained days

That smell of blood and betrayal

The multi-paternal conundrum

That plays upon your mind

As you carve wood


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christmashomelessreligious hypocracy

Less Than Human

Less Than Human


Crash landed on this barren planet

Twenty seven forty three

Co-pilot killed on impact

And eaten eventually

There’s no food in the food hold

Incinerated by the heat

I’m trapped here in the cockpit

With the bones of Corporal Lee


Got out through the meteor shield

By use of a sharpened shin

That I made into a passable axe

By very careful ho...

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scifi pastichemetaphor for cosmetic surgerysci-ficannibalsurgery

Votive Offering

Votive Offering


the flame was bright

it danced in the dark

the wax dribbled down

the sides of the candle

and hardened

on the slate table

we peeled it off

and placed it

in a pewter bowl

flakes of candle wax


we lit another candle

it was red

the wick was long

and the flare

from the flame

shone just as bright

as the candle

we had lit


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votive offeringact of remembrancerecycling memoriesreligionlife light





When the KKK and the Kremlin

Are sharing their vodka and rye

When redneck mutherfuckers

are making Lady Liberty cry

When The land of the free is walled in

So pesky Mexicans can’t get by

That’s the day the rest of us

Watches America die.


When the Whitehouse houses a bigot

A misogynist ‘locker room’ fly

When a multi-billionaire

Stands for momma...

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democracydonald trumpelection

Red Poppies On An Autumn Day

Red Poppies On An Autumn Day


Never forgotten – here to stay,

a symbol of the hurt and pain

where young men will forever lay.


The old man sells and we will pay

to wear a token for the slain -

never forgotten – here to stay.


Would they have approved? Who can say

If what was lost was worth the gain.

Red poppies on an autumn day


They had little choice ...

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villanelle formpoppiesautumnremembrancepoppy symbolpoppy seller

Fairy Cakes

Fairy Cakes


They believed in a mythical being,

who supposedly loved his creation.

Omnipotent and all seeing -

His will needing no explanation.

They followed his lore from an old book

written by disciples raising the stakes -

that one thing they just shouldn’t cook

were those sinful and bad fairy cakes.


“Good will to all men” they proclaimed

(but the women di...

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support gay marriagebakerrefusal to bakereligionhypocrisy

Mynydd Du

Mynydd Du


muddy tears from the past

sliding down the cheeks

of those who remember them


the thunder obliterated a generation

that would benefit from the industry

of their fathers


who prayed it all would last

while bosses planned

to take away their livelihood and history


they piled the slurry

into an unreliable black mountain

towering over ever...

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aberfanchildrenmining disasterrequiem

Eater Of Worlds

Eater Of Worlds



Sits in front of a mirror

Smears his face with paint

His sad eyes

Come alive

With rings of black

And the white muzzle

Cracks when he smiles



Paints a teardrop on his cheek

And swigs

From a bottle

Of broken dreams

The hot liquid

Burns his cackling throat

And warms his cold, cold heart




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clown sightingsclown-loreevil clownsfamous clownsstephen king

Rosetta Of The Endless Night

Rosetta Of The Endless Night


She went away twelve years ago

and sent me missives now and then,

although her words were data flow

not written by a lovers pen.

She passed beyond the world of men,

forever from my earthly sight.

Rosetta of the endless night


The numbers came, row upon row,

from places far beyond my ken -

binary kisses from my beau

who touched ...

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rosetta space probeballade royalcosmic love storyend of mission

F34r Th3 Numb3r5

F34r Th3 Numb3r5



Th3 numb3r5


th31r p0w3r

t0 pu5h y0u

1nt0 rush1n9


Cl0ck w4tch1n9


Th3 numb3r5

On th3 5p33d0meter

0r ch451n9

A bu5



Fr0m p1ll4r

t0 p05t


g3tt1n9 w319h3d





Th3 c0d1n9

1n y0ur c0mput3r

Wh1ch dr1v35

Y0ur l1f3


B1n4ry ch1ld


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codedehumanlisingloss of identitymodern worldnew identitynumbers

black clouds on a sunny day

black clouds on a sunny day


a bus ride into town

on a sunny day


a black cloud

crawls its way

across the window


this is about me

this is about me

this is about me


this is not about me


she could be

he could be

there is no sign

how would I know


I glance at her

her smile

curves into uncertainty

at the corner

of her mou...

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cliniccancerfalse alarmrelief

Black Bear

Black Bear


like a hobo

walking down a train track

in a slow lumbering gait

we pace with you

coming in and out of view

between dense foliage

that separates the myth

from the reality


fingers point

hushed reverent voices

intone the chant

a bear, a bear

but this is not

some overstuffed facsimile

bought in a tourist shop

this is the real deal


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black bearcanadatouristsfamiliarisation threatcullholiday encounter

Let Me Sit Beneath An Old Lamp

Let Me Sit Beneath An Old Lamp


Let me sit beneath an old lamp

With its shade tilted at an angle

Tracing my finger along rough paper

Glowing in a yellow light

Lost in worlds of other’s making

Drawn from the ebb and flow of words

Upon a dim-lit page

As evening draws in

Closing around my imagination

Unthreatening, comforting,

Time passing unnaturally

Against t...

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bookscreativityimaginationreading lampreading vs pokemon go




If you wrote his speeches

If you contributed to the farce

If you drove him here and there

If you kissed his arse

If you supplied his porcine pleasure

If you shone his shoes

If you offered him your soul

If all your reds were blues

If you served his table

If you served his drink

If you closed your mind

If you tried hard not to think

If you sorte...

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bernard kennydavid cameronherohonours listinjustice

Blue Smoke Ghost

Blue Smoke Ghost


A matchbox scratch

A flare of light

The smell of sulphur


A yellow patch

Above his chair

On the ceiling


A row of pipes

Hung in a rack

Saliva drips


The suck

And suck

And suck on shank


Red glow

In the dusk

On a back step


The aroma

Of spices

In the ready-rub



Grey ash

From the c...

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fatherkillerpipe smokingsimple pleasuresmoketobacco

Lady Liberty Weeps

Lady Liberty Weeps


In a Minnesota precinct

On a Minnesota street

The day starts like any other

For the Baton Rouge elite

In the land of the brave

In the land of the free

A cop with a pistol

Shoots liberty

A man reaches for a wallet

With a target on his back

Red white and blue

All the patrolman sees is black

Where the gun is law

The sheriff of the west


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gun lobbyinjusticeminnesota shootingpolice killingrace violence




Sat here thinking

with chaos all around…


In this together,

family and friends,

some for

some against.

All affected

by the outcome.

All committed.


Sat here thinking

with chaos all around…


Europe needs us.

Allies need us

to face this thing

together and united

for our futures

and our children’s futures.


Sat here ...

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brexitchoicesreferendumthe somme centenary

Anger Is A Stone Cast Into A Wasps Nest

Anger Is A Stone Cast Into A Wasps Nest


Spreading honeyed words

with a silver knife tongue

in some strange world

where the pollen

is not collected by the bees

but, rather, wasps

who gather in their hives

and plan the traitor stings

that will silence

honest men.


The annoying drone,

the caustic buzz,

the honeycomb

of politics

clogged up

by st...

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champagne socialistshonest politicsjeremy corbynlabour rebels

a peaceful warrior

a peaceful warrior


next week

I’ll make a mark

to show my choice

and there will be

no hate

no fear

no injustice

In that decision


it will be

for the future

for the greater good


it will not be

for brutal killers




from over there

or right here


it will be everything

but that


it will be


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Jo Coxmurderprayerremembrance




centuries turn

witches burn



under the bed

home is where

the heart is

not like me

me not like


under bridges


is gonna get ya


like a virus



in my head


in the darkness


is gonna get ya

home is where

the hurt is



white c...

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xenophobiaracismlessons learned

Between A Rock & A Hard Place

Between A Rock & A Hard Place


Trust me

said the man I didn’t trust

Stay in


every part of me

is against

what he stands for

but he has support

from the people

that I trust


Trust me

said the man I didn’t trust

Get out


every part of me

is against

what he stands for

but my heart aches

for what I believe

to be right


Don’t ...

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brexiteuro ineuro outundecidedEU debatereferendum

The Bayonet In The Shed

The Bayonet In The Shed


He put it there in forty nine,

in a woodworm riddled drawer,

wrapped it in a greasy rag.

A remnant from the war.

On top of it he laid his medals,

nothing more was said

until the day my father

took the bayonet from the shed.


We had pestered many times

and he had said ‘perhaps’

when we asked him if he’d killed

any Krauts or any Ja...

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bayonetfatherherokillingmedalsold soldierwarww2. burma

A Pointy Reckoning

A Pointy Reckoning


She had blonde hair

and beautiful, blue, eyes

and these were far more

Innocent times.


seventy six,

before we left

for adulthood.


I was seventeen

and made to look fifty,

she was a year younger

and made to look black.


In a school

in West Yorkshire

we had no black girls

in the sixth form

and the only w...

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Anti-communismArthur MillerGenderlessons learnedRaceThe CrucibleTituba

Splendid Is The Flower

Splendid Is The Flower


if I make something beautiful

will you gently touch it

with your perspective

or will you taint it

with a vengeful critics tongue


am I qualified

to judge you

either way


if I make something beautiful

will you take the time

to kiss it with your praise

or will you rip it to shreds

with your own experience


are you qual...

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Head In Hands

Head In Hands


when I bring my hands

to my face

the heels fit precisely

into the sockets of my eyes…


my thumbs circle my temples

but do not soothe or ease the pain…


each of my fingers press

against the bony ridge of forehead…


kneading, coaxing,

pleading for relief…


the insides of each hand

pinch against the aqualine

contours of my nose...

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depressionhead in handssadnesstiredness

Sun Bleached Bones

Sun Bleached Bones


someone put it in the sun

and hoped that it would grow

but others said it wouldn’t

and they were right you know

not everything that’s in the sun

is bathed in warming light

a lot of it is hard and cold

and isn’t very bright


someone put it in the sun

and hoped that it would sell

but right minded individuals

can tell a lie by smell


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HillsboroughJFT96newspaper liesThe Sun

Cursed Be He That Moves My Bones

Cursed Be He That Moves My Bones

“Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare,
To dig the dust enclosed here.
Blessed be the man that spares these stones,
And cursed be he that moves my bones.”


How often did I studiously fail

to untangle your brier patch of words.

Encouraged by my teachers to prevail

in setting free the frustrated songbirds,

so that their melody could swell the h...

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400th anniversaryCurseShakespeare's DeathShakespeare's Graveshakespearean Sonnet

This Is England

This Is England


the empty cardboard

coffee cup groans with hunger

eyes to eyes to anything

that isn’t eyes

clothes that itch with dirt

the taste of yesterdays soup

settles against teeth


sleep is the enemy

dulling your hopes of escape

if the spiteful arrive

with mean intentions

and brown leather boots


head bowed against the world

not looking ...

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homelesshomeless violencehomelessnesslife on streetdespair

The Parchment, The Bullet & The Word

The Parchment, The Bullet And The Word


It was old,

old and failing,

and it was loaded

and when I pointed it at him

he shrank back



I said

“Do what I want

you to do,

because if you don’t

I will use this.

I’m not afraid

To use this”.


He sank to his knees

and prayed

for forgiveness,

prayed to all his little Gods

that I was bl...

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americagun lawhigh school murderpower of the wordindoctrination




In a town called Tumbleweed

sound is deadened

so that every conversation

crawls like a gentle breeze

through cotton wool.


Beggars are kings,

politicians pariahs,

policemen thieves,

priests parasites.

Suzie is a victim.


The streets of Tumbleweed

host sinners, saints and surrogates

sneering into bibles

left to them

by agnostic pa...

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apocalypsefantasygothichorrorurban decayvampiremetaphor




I will not be defined by ancient Gods,

or the archaic teachings in their books.

I will tread warily around their words

and avoid the hidden traps and snaring hooks.


I will not stand behind a coloured flag

and spout my blunt imperialistic views

or drape it on a coffin when I die

or burn it on the early evening news.


I will not make a choice that’s...

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The Making Of A Worker

The Making Of A Worker.


The lorry tips its rubble

On the road outside our house,

the privet hedge engulfed

in a primordial cloud of dust,

it drives away in chugging glee

having spilled its heavy load

and we stand and watch it go

as the carbon mountain settles.


The sergeant-major father

barks his orders at the troops

and our little hands clasp tight


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capitalismchildhoodcoalcoal deliveryhard workNostalgiaparentsrewardwork

I Am The Scarecrow

I Am The Scarecrow


I am the scarecrow.

Hanging from this wooden frame,

a skeleton of twisted wood

that creaks and groans in protest

at the ravages of age.

The ice cold rain

trickles through my straw flesh

bringing chills to every movement

and dull aches to the knotted joints.


I am the scarecrow.

My sack-cloth head

full of sawdust ideas

that spill fr...

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The Dark & The Light

The Dark & The Light


This cruel winter

claims its marionettes

in a heartbeat.


The dark man

raised from the black rock.


as the glittering light

cascades over the road,

casting long shadows.


He sees a face

and then another

and then another,

a rainbow chameleon

changing with the wind,

never setting

always fluid.




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cut updavid bowielemmy kilmisterlossobituary

Rich Pictures

Rich Pictures


catching wasps in cobwebs

brutal lines and angles

graffiti strewn puddles

homeless persons

hopeless gaze


shimmer on a wheelchair

in an old abandoned hospital

where cries ring out at night

In the empty cells


demons in the trees

caught in click

spiral monsters

under piers

foaming lap

of northern tides


fractured bulbs


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Featuring 18 tracks first written as poems and posted on Write Out Loud first - then, later set to music (folk, punk, glam, electronic, rock). This is the 3rd CD from my poetry/music project titled THE CROWS OF ALBION.

18 tracks across a playing time of 80 minutes - the CD is available for £8 +P&P direct from me - it can also be purchased as a download via BANDCAMP for £7.


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