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The first

Showed me how it had been

The laughter and the tears

Sliced turkey

Rich juices flowing

Lights and tinsel

Greens and reds and silvers

The smell of pine

Needles on the carpet

Arguments and recriminations

Old wounds opened

New wounds pierced

This was how it was


The second

Showed me how it is

Lonely day holy night

The only comfort is a TV

Rechannelling the past

Whilst on Ebenezer Close

That family of atheists

Celebrate in numbers

Outlawed by the state

Children adults pensioners

Passing round the good spirits

On their grubby hands

Caring and sharing


The last

Showed me what was yet to come

An empty chair by the fire

A walking stick propped against it

Memories crackling

In the orange glow of embers

This is the harshest spirit

Showing us what will be

If we don’t change our ways

The loss the pain

The retribution

On Ebenezer Close

There is a price to pay


You boy – yes you

Go home straight away

This is only one in many

Not worth the loss

Of grandparents

Not worth the bitter

Memories of how it used to be.

The season of goodwill

Is not a metaphor

For drunken mingling

It is a simple prayer

God bless us

Every one

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Ian Whiteley

Fri 6th Nov 2020 14:11

thanks for the likes

I really appreciate your comments Paul and MC - it is very good of you to take the time to do so - really pleased you liked this offering

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 1st Nov 2020 17:17

To adapt a term - a real hum(bug)dinger to commence the run up to
the Festive Season.
But Dickens' Scrooge
Was no stooge
A canny old geezer
Was Ebenezer
Wealthy and healthy
Avoiding fools
Even now
Ebenezer rules! 😉

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