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Dear Friends and family members

Gathered here to celebrate

And rake over my life’s embers

So sorry that I’m late


I intended to be on time

For this, the concluding event

Commemorating in songs and rhyme

A life well spent


Only the traffic lights were down

And it just kept getting worse

With anxious mothers on the school run

Stuck behind the funeral hearse


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funeral poemsdeathsocial satireDark humourlife after death

Did I hit my head or have a fall?

Did I hit my head or have a fall?

Did my heart give out?

Am I under the stars?

Did I make it to heaven?

The memories I have are as strong as an over perked cup of coffee

I can’t forget or let them go

In fear that I’ll feel I’ll have never lived those moments to remember

I try to recreate those memories

I try to relive every moment

But each time I do

I realize it’s not...

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DeathPTSDNightmaresflashbacksmemoriesmental health

I still don't know if you're alive

When I close my eyes I see the sun rising over the ocean. I see a succession of cars. I hear you laugh. I see knives in the flesh. I see fireflies surrounding your body. I see endless trees and a forest I have never known. I see barbells and birds. Lots of birds. I see the moment you decided to give up, I see you vomiting in the toilet after taking the pills.  I see you telling me you thought the ...

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Claws of Love, Kiss of Death

Hand reach into my throat,

clawing their way to my heart.

Red blooms under their attention,

as they slither through this maze

of veins and vessels.

Slick hands grab ahold of my still heart,

squeezing it manually.

Once, twice, thrice,

a soothing rhythm in a space,

long devoid of music.

Yet, no amount of squeezing

is enough to make my heart start beating.

No amoun...

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There Was Wind Blowing In The Trees

My grandparents names stand in front of me

Hundreds of yards away from each other, neighborly


They were always a city away,

But now so close for eternity.

There with the named and the nameless,

Where so many lives remain only in memory.


There was wind blowing in the trees,

Sun beating down upon our face,

Some of us walked on,

Some of us stayed.


Flowers ...

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The Loss

Every loss is felt

Just as a ripple is spelt in water

Ever decreasing, calming asunder


A clock ticks in a house even emptier than before

The dark lingers in a hall still and sure

The cat rules now

Wondering why and how


Water weeps from a pungent wound

Never to be cleaned but to neglect and fester

Such a thought no beautiful sight could hinder

Leaving the los...

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Piñata Earth

Mother nature painted you by hand

Blue swirls traced along your land

A wonderous heaven lost to nature

May you still yet hopefully have a future?


You sway innocently in a dead void

Whille your cost of living is toiled

The aliens still infect you

Spewing out the innocence that held you


You are a blue green marble

A child's tale, a cherished fable

But waiting ...

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earthglobal warminglifedeathNature


Death transcends the toll of time.

Stands beneath a smoke-filled sky.

Spirits rise up from the past,

row by row from first to last.


Like silhouettes of lifeless trees

against the sun, no foot can flee.

Then sink they into desert sand…

as hate consumes the life of man.

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wardeathtragedyhuman historyworld history


What is a day but a measure in time 

don’t you hear your own clock chime 

You might think it's not so simple 

So refuse to act on this impulse 

just to think of what others may say 

But now is the time to seize the Day 


Your future is earths worm food

For our life can’t be renewed 

Our ashes will be left behind 

That's how it's all designed 

So live the life you ...

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Humility in Mortality

Those who do not accept death

are its only real victims 


For one does not feel the current 

until he begins to swim against it

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I wish it would have been a war

that was the explanation for

the reason you are not around,

the reason I don’t hear the sound

of your voice anymore.

No, I don’t hear it anymore.


And I wish it were all a dream

although a bad one it would seem,

cuz then at least I’d have the chance

to open up my eyes and glance

upon your face, but I don’t see it.

No, not anymo...

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being alonedeathlossseparationloneliness

That Day In June

I sat today midst the happy smiles

of a children’s song, and for just a while

I was happy too, for what else should come

from a happy day and a happy song.


But, it came again just like every June,

when I feel the pain of an open wound

that on every other day I keep

hidden far from view, buried oh so deep.


But I guess that’s why they made the day,

so that folks ...

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On the line

Darkness shrouds the train

Blue flashes flicker in the rain

Alone with strangers left to hide

As a man lies down on the line


Time stands still when death enters

The breath becomes hard to centre

My luck at catching the last train

Becomes silence in the rain


Everyone is on the line

Phones in hand, not the time

Words turn inwards

Soiled and sinful 



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deathtrainsad poemslossstrangers

Valentine's Day-Another Massacre-Another Dollar

“Made in Britain”, once a mark of highest quality,

To Gaza, with love, we send white-hot death from above,

Cruel Britannia stoops to utter depravity.  

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BritainGazadeathdepravitymassacredollarsValentine's Day




Grey clouds roll in

The Sun sets in

Long ago was the summer of smiles

Now dark brooding anguish riles


Only the forgotten battlefields remember

The light green and the fond Heather

While with winds kiss

The clock winds and begins to hiss


The ticking is louder than ever now

As we wind our lives further down

While far away the threat is real


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doomsday clockdeathwarclocks

Today my friend buries her mother

Today my friend buries her mother in a coffin she has painted by hand. Today my friend's father tells her that she has taken on too much responsibility in the matter. She tells me he made her feel like she did not have a choice. Today I will get my hair cut. Today by mid day my friend will have buried her mother. My friend is only twenty four. Her daughter is two. I ask my friend how she has been ...

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Ode to Percy…(a cats best friend)

Watching the leaves fall

Standing so tall

Waiting at the window

I still wonder

It wasn't so long ago



I can still see us

Haunting shadows in the dusk

Running, fighting, climbing

Making footprints in the snow



Your furry figure lingers at the edges of my mind

Gone but not forgotten

Your smile runs to hide



Sunny days fade away

As you...

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Death Comes Without Warning

Death comes without warning; it steals your life away.

It takes away your loved ones, and the lights of your day.


Death comes silently; it stabs you in the back,

It reaches round behind you, then comes in for the attack


Death comes slowly; it reaches for your throat

It overwhelms you; it chokes you, before you’ve had time to put on your coat.


Death comes quickly, i...

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