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Sweep me off my feet,

Carry me through this dreamlike state, and

Spin me faster than I’ve ever spun before.


Call me yours,

Call me his, hers, or

Call me mine. I do not care.


Shower me with golden rain,

Bathe me in the sin of mortality, and

Let me retain this tiny bit of humanity I still have.


Do not remind me of my greater purpose

For I do not know what...

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greek mythologyteenage bullshitfate

Run Rabbit Run

On the farm, it's rabbit pie day

But the poor little rabbit didn't know that.

She missed the memo, too absorbed in gathering carrots

To think about the path she took home.

The farmer was out with his friends, laughing with a cigarette

Dangling from his lips. He was looking for the perfect morsel for his

Wicked pie when he saw the little rabbit snuffling around in the bushes.


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catcallingrabbitsnursery rhymegirlhoodwomanhoodteenage bullshit

Ne'er Dance

“I don’t dance,”

I told everyone who asked.

“I’m terrible at it.”

So I didn’t.

I sat on the sidelines and watched.


I used to dance.

I didn’t question it when my feet

Would tap of their own accord and my body

Would wiggle around with delight.

“I was young and I was stupid.

It was embarrassing.”


I’m still young and I’m still stupid.

I’m still terribl...

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lifedeathdanceteenage bullshit


One by one, I rip off the

Glossy red gel that coats my nails.

Underneath, the soft pink has given way to white

As the polish tears away the calcium that gives it its color.


Four fingers down, six to go.

I wonder if I should stop.

I’ve only had them on for two weeks, after all.

But that’s one week more than I did before.


Besides, it’s better for my nails to be ...

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girlhoodnail polishgrowing upteenage bullshit


I’ve always been told to


Color inside the lines.


Ever since I was little, it was always


Fit into the box.


                                                Don’t rock the boat.


                                                                                                Stay in your little corner and


Don’t come out.


They said, “keep your colo...

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nostalgiachildhoodteenage bullshitcoloringmetaphors galore

Language Barrier

I’m screaming at the top of my lungs

But she can’t hear me.

I might as well be yelling in French or Spanish because

She just doesn’t understand me

When I tell her I can’t do this.


She doesn’t get it when I tell her

I don’t know—

Je ne sais pas,

Yo no sé

—how I’m going to see this through.


It’s like my brain es en fuego from all

Of the información being ...

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understandingfamilyoverwhelmedteenage bullshit


I have shed my thick armored plating that hides my ridiculous

True nature from the rest of the world,

Revealing my God-given form to everyone around me.


I have forsaken the comfort of obscurity, instead choosing to

Shout loudly and clearly “I am here!

Gaze upon me for all my mortal sins!”


I have suffered without my protection, taking blows to my carefully curated


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true colors revealedteenage bullshit

Dead Rat

Flies gathered around its tiny body,

Its feet turned toward the sky

As if preparing to continue the

Never-ending rat race among the clouds.


People walk past and turn up their noses.

The only good rat is a

Dead rat, but why?


They exist just like us, their little hearts

Pumping just as fast as ours.

They scurry from place to place, ducking between

Giant meta...

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deathsort of a metaphorrat racequestioningteenage bullshit

Hit and Run

It happens as quickly as it ends, a muffled slam and a splintering of cracks.

Night has fallen quickly, the dull glare of the streetlights hidden by the blinds.

I barely stir when it happens, only waking when footsteps race past my door.

“What’s happening?” I ask groggily, surveying the urgency of my parents.

My brother replies “A car crashed through our fence!”

With both excitemen...

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