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the Silence of the Sea

there’s a saying that I've heard,

something about ‘the silence of the sea.’

but I can’t figure out what it means.


the sea is not silent

as the waves crash onto the shore.

it rages and fumes as it batters down

the door.


the sea is as loud as thunder,

as deafening as a plane’s engine.

it is anything but silent,

its presence always known.


but maybe ‘the silence of the sea’

doesn’t refer to the noise of the sea itself.

maybe it refers to how silent I am

in its presence.


I don’t know why I’m quiet around it

since I am usually quite loud.

I can make up several reasons why,

but I don’t think I want to.


I guess ‘the silence of the sea’

will always be a mystery.

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Erwan Lucas René

Wed 4th Oct 2023 09:09

It is a very aspiring piece of work. I usually tend to write a lot of poems about the ocean and it’s funny how I never had any thoughts about this one. This shows the real beauty of a poem; it really brings different ideas and feelings within itself and touches so many souls in very distinct ways. It really does make sense to me actually as I love to spend a lot of time by the sea, and I've always found it peaceful to be there. I still can imagine that same peaceful state I’m in when I am there even though I don’t go there so often. I always feel the silence that you've described in your poem and now I realize that it was just within me and never really “the silence of the sea”! I’d love to reflect more on this as it inspires me to write a lot more about it. There is always a lot to write about the ocean as there are lots of mysteries that accompany it and that never cease to surprise us. Looking forward to reading more about your poems. So, thank you a lot for sharing this thought with all of us.💕

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