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Wanderer of wonderlands, 

always ready to gallivant 

around in utopias, where freedom

and euphoria are mandatory, 

where the reverie is sacrosanct;

tilting at windmills, pretending 

this is movement, and not a mere

standstill, eluding a reckoning

with reality, and with such alacrity

fostering the never-ending idyll...

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Keep the ship asail, boy

For one day you shall die

Beneath the whip & chains, boy

Your soul shall surely cry 

How dare you break those Shackles, boy!

Your slavery is your duty!

Get back down under decks, boy!

This is pure mutiny!



"Why do you throw me over, boy!"


"Cos, with freedom, boy, there comes much  joy!"


Definitely could be longer lol. But th...

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Marion Braidfute (Wife of Braveheart)

Longshank’s Primae Noctis

Favoured sport of overlord

Returning sullied to my husband, crying,

I grasp his battle sword,

Our Lord this nicht has defiled me 

My virginity tooketh, not giv’n,

Let’s pledge undying hatred afor him

Ne’er shall he e’er be forgiv’n.

Let us seek our retribution, with this sword I will unbleed him

My flower may be stolen, but he’ll ne’er tak my fr...

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(for my grandson)


Freedom is the imagination of a child,

Feelings flowing freely, stories running wild!

Uninhibited by life’s accountancy,

By endless dwelling on profit and loss, not yet

Hemmed in by grey stone walls or iron fences,

By petty quarrels or narrow self-interest.

A child’s imagination soars over such mundanity!

A life still to be lived, will not be so const...

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