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Death (XIII)

entry picture

Death (XIII)


My entrance on a pale horse

Raising the black standard with white rose

Is anathema to most


These bones are survivors

Of the battle between

The worlds of living and dead


This black armour

From the land of eternal sleep

Is unsurmountable


Before me

The clergy, kings and peasants

Fall beneath my hooves


When she flips me over


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The High Priestess

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This Equinox Season is the perfect time to tap into our intuition & assess where we're going next... The High Priestess is the personification of intuition


She sits quietly and waits

Contemplates her future

In this life and beyond

For a thin veil hangs behind

Separating her worlds


Today she sits on this side

Not because it is better

But to never experience both


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The Magician

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We are all capable of much more than we think we are...


There are times in life

That seem all so tragic

We must remember then

To use our own magic


Are there people around you

Telling you lies?

Take up your sword

Cut all the ties

Next take your cup

Never half empty

Fill it with love

You'll always have plenty

The coins of the earth

Keep you secure


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Tarot Reader

entry picture

Remembering things before they happen

Laying out memories that are not

Her own

Bringing out insights

To enable seekers to prepare

For as a fool 

Takes his 

Leap of faith

He becomes

A magician

It has nothing to do with her

Still she shares this

Intense experience

They had never even met

Yet their frequencies


Revealing the unknown

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