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The High Priestess

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This Equinox Season is the perfect time to tap into our intuition & assess where we're going next... The High Priestess is the personification of intuition


She sits quietly and waits

Contemplates her future

In this life and beyond

For a thin veil hangs behind

Separating her worlds


Today she sits on this side

Not because it is better

But to never experience both


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Full Moon Rebirth

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A bit of witchiness for today's full moon in Aquarius


Your time has come

Your star has risen

All past mistakes

Have now been forgiven

Inspiration and luck

Will surely follow

There's brand new hope

For a brighter tomorrow

You have persevered

The prize is your power

You were once a seed 

Now you're a flower

Be ready & alert

In time with the season


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House of Feathers

The feathers on the house are owl's

silent striated wing feathers

tucked into tile and rough cedar siding

the house is nocturnal

windows wide-eyed unblinking

sentient while others sleep while

full moon also wide-eyed unblinking

sees gathered clouds passing over

the moss on the roof is thick and quiet

bathing in rain and mist and fog

gathered clouds are also quiet


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