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Percolated down to every bone

Via the phone
When I heard your voice
Having a friendly tone--
At long last you have won--
My diffidence and anxiety gone
An electrifying ecstasy
Charged my heart's zone,
Who fate was
To ceaselessly lament and moan.

The vein inundating feeling
You evoked, anon,
Percolated down to every bone
To each love thirst
To atone!


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hopelifelovesatisfactionunrequited love

A Spider's Furnace

All I had to do

Was look into her eyes.

The cob-webs within them

From being so long

Without the contact

Of another being.

Behind them was a flicker,

A dim flicker,

Of a forgotten heart.


All I had to do

Was look into her eyes.

The heat 

Of unrecognized love

That would never be mine.

I saw all the broken pieces

Coated in depraved divinity.



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One day

Share all the love
within your soul.
one day,
it will find
its way 
into your broken heart
... and stay.

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We Were Beautiful

The complication of those earrings
the texture of the paint around your eyes
the sun's highlights in your hair

The redness of those parting lips
such belief in everything we said
the pristine shape of your nose

Lying on the roof
your head close to my heart
summer blushing the sky
weren't we beautiful
weren't we beautiful then

Nothing to fret about
just prolong the passing day

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Go for the Glow

entry picture

Go for the glow
of good health.

Go for the glow
of a clear conscious.

Go for the glow
of forgiveness.

Go for the glow
of dreaming fearlessly.

Go for the glow
of giving generously.

Go for the glow
of loving unconditionally.

Go for the glow
of a life well lived.



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Will you be mind?

My time

Is not mine

But our time

You’ve made your bed in my dreams

I lie in it


this isn’t me


I would part with my skin

If it weren’t attached 

And never look back


Each night when I close my eyes for sleep

I see you in my head

Your feet poke out one side of your bed

And oh,

It makes me giddy for you

And so,

I end up crawling in bes...

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attachedBrainDistancedreamfeelingsheartbreaklovemindMissingMovingon my mindroutineSleepsubconsciousthinkingwake


Tranquility in your presents

doves pecking as our kiss is tending

lips lock our mind in a spell, as the doves sing their song, letters spelling in the air.

clouds draw me close for a better look

fractals in the nooks, lump to lump, baby rainbows extend their hand and shake with glee

telling my lover she is the best mother to be


She see's the beauty in my beastial nature, cal...

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*Tramsendental Love*

entry picture

Here we both are

Side by side

Just for a few moments

On this Tram ride

Sharing a space

But in two different zones

Scrolling our screens

In the world of our phones

Who is he texting?

Well I wouldn't know

When he gets off

Where will he go?

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Lovelove poetry

My Silly Love Song (Apr 2018)

You are the sum of every silly love song. Every sweet melody. Your laugh is the soundtrack of my every daydream. Your voice is the lullaby that sings me to sleep every night, whether your head rests on the pillow beside mine or not. Your kisses pump the blood through my veins and give me strength when I'm feeling my weakest.
You play, I sing. We complete each other in all of the better ways. Anyo...

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happinessjoyLovelove songrelationshipsromance

So Unexpected (Feb 2018)

I fell in love with the sound of your beating heart
With your slow, sweet kisses
I fell in love with your smile and the way my entire world is brighter in its presence
I fell in love with the way your hair curls behind your ears and the way your eyes sparkle when they're set on me
I fell in love with your words and the meaning and care behind each one
I fell in love with your mind and the con...

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Lovenew beginningspoetryRelationshipsromance

Devotion and Desire

Your fingers strummed the strings of your guitar in a lazy, sleepy pattern as my consciousness began to drift
I inched as close to you as possible, molding my bones to yours as I seamlessly carved for myself a place at your side
Space was a silly idea, a concept at that moment we would never need to consider, should never consider
You played on as we laid together, my chest rising and falling a...

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devotionguitarintimacyLovelove and romancemarriagemarried lifemusicromancetouch

The moon is shooting lightning bolts

entry picture

A word that screams, torn
A child that's born, into hunger,
ribs sticking out
Coming from under is a real thing, violence too
How violent would you be if you was hungry too? 
Selling our health at a chance at a lie
Credit card bills and new drugs to try
Settling scores with no reason why
Killing eachother over eye for an eye
He's human too, just like you
Think about all the things he wen...

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infantrylovemachinegunnerpeacepeace now

Inside my soul

I find myself... thinking
about you
Beautiful lyrics

In the sound of
In the calm
of soft rain, drizzling

In all the little things
and inside the
The deepest part
of my soul

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Moonshine Cherries

entry picture

You’ve got those moonshine cherries

burst in my mouth

have ‘em when I need ‘em

make me think of the South


Just like that sparkle in your eye

their moon-time shine

burns a trail of fire

as if by design


All warmth and glow

cherries in a jar

black molasses slow

white lightnin’ from afar


Kickin’ in again

kisses sweet as pie

all my heart’s desire


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Dance with me

Dance with me

your hands in places

I crave you

kiss my neck


Dance with me

till the sun greets

whisper what you need

all your desires


Dance with me

the stars our only light

our bodies

the only warmth

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Third Eye Blind

Mind spinning faster than a cyclone.
Do this, do that ad infinitum.

Worry about things beyond my control
until the scowl line blinds my third eye.

Waste life surfing the net, 
following every link that promises to take me higher, 
faster, farther than the languid loop of my existence.

Why does it never seem enough?

I long to escape the stoic-ease,
walk hand-in-hand among redwood t...

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entry picture

My thoughts





In the wind



In a raging storm




and finally


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