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You think that time would make it easier and maybe I'd just forget.
I still think about that day often but I'm starting to think about it less.

I don't know if I should feel guilty because you're not always on my mind.
Or maybe that's just what happens when you've been gone such a long time.

I do wonder if you'd be proud of me and the things that I've done.
Would you tell me that you're h...

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It's Easier to Believe

It's easier to believe
I am a child of the most high God
than to live a life of despair.

It's easier to believe
everything happens for a reason
than to question fate.

It's easier to believe
love is everywhere
than to give in to hate.

It's easier to believe
in forgiveness
than remain a victim.

It's easier to believe
in abundant blessings
than mounting problems.

It's easier ...

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Because I can no longer kiss you

no longer feel your skin

beneath my fingers

or hear you in the night

Because I can no longer call you

no longer sound your name

beneath my breath

or hear you whisper soft

Because I could not stop time passing

could not return time's sand

beneath its glass

or heal the wounds of time

Because I could not hold you here

could yet y...

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Your Happiness is My Happiness

the sun stretched on the morning full of dew
white butterflies enjoy orange ostrich pistils
I was face down in a sad moment
the sense of self extinction was stunned

singing birds swinging on guava leaves
the young tip tinged with joyful luster
my desire ran aground in a fake atmosphere
my dream is entangled in thousands of questions

rooster shouting in hoarse voice
lined up the geese ...

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The Nucleus

If you find love for the duration,
This you may find will benefit every nation,
It begins with the nucleus,
And that nucleus is me,
All I want out of life is a cigarette and a cup of tea,
Anything more would be great,
But we must rid the world of hate,
Love is the answer to all things,
If you have true love then you will live the life of a king,
There will be justice for all,
And if you ...

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Before She Fades


Before She Fades (On a dream who are you girl?)

I see you you've come back to see me
You all in black trouser suite
With a bit if lipstick not needed

You're slim and medium height with tied back hair
We get on well you tell me how you feel

I say I've done a poem for you
I fumble in my book to find it
So many messy pieces here

Where is it?

I was just working on ...

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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa, 


I've been extra good this year



All I want is a cure for my

rare brain disease because

see Santa I was given this

disease before I left my

mothers womb so long

ago now



But life since that time has

been up and down daily like

a rocking roller coaster riding

throughout a non-stoppable

hurricane that is enough to

drive one ...

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I know you don't 
want to think of me.

I don't want to 
think of you either.

But the more I resist, 
the more your ghost 

It makes no sense.

Hardly a day goes

by that you don’t  
cross my mind.

Some days 
it infuriates me
that someone who 
pushed me over the cliff 

of obscurity

has a choke hold 
on my soul.

Other days 
I accept
what I cannot 

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Love is overrated
I am an island
unto myself
I am full
I am empty
in between
a space resides
wherein I cram
the night flies
hope is blind
the stars hide
out of sight
blinding light
sharp to the right
the moon follows
foggy and low
the earth groans hollow
sunrise moans.


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Who Say's I Can't Be Happy All The Time

Singing and dancing makes me happy all day,
It makes me happy in every single way,
Who says I can't be happy all the time,
If I was then would that be a crime,
I now know I could live alone,
Because my heart and soul has really grown,
I used to try and share my joy,
To every girl and boy,
I'll keep it to myself,
Even if I get left on the shelf,
Because nothing bothers me anymore,
I will...

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Hello All You Heroes

My knowledge of life is second to none,
When almost everyone in this world their wits have gone,
Stupidity is their game and genius is my name,
No-one can hold a candle to me,
Because against all odds my mind is totally free,
I sing songs when I want to this stops me from feeling blue,
I am always there for a laugh and a joke and a bottle of coke,
I think quickly on my feet,
A more fantast...

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freedomgeniusIntellectual manloveparadiseheroes.

I will show you paradise

Come with me and I will show you paradise,
Leave behind those who are as cold as ice,
Bring in the sun and let it shine,
Then one day soon you could be mine,
I will sing some songs to gladden your heart,
Then with little luck we will never part,
Love is happiness and happiness is love,
It will be just like a perfect hand fitting a perfect glove,
Good luck to all you lovers out there,
Who ...

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Miss You Endlessly

dusk creeping into the night
the grasshopper choir sighed
choked feeling gripping
jokes always delete it badly

the rest of the rain wet the garden chairs
boisterous frog chats sound hoarse
self-esteem lonely no friends
the desire to meet urged the chest tight

night insects call for incandescent lights
bats touch wet leaves
reach your dark shadow disguised
I want to entertain in a po...

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If you're asked what's more expensive?
Love, your parents or your friends?
It's the question quite offensive
And your friendship ends.

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Winter Sundays

We know each year it comes to us
Darkness, to bright cold winter days
The greens become a golden yellow
Before bareness reveals ageing old oaks
Yet cousins stay that darker luscious green 
And brave red berries are to be born again
In time for their festive December displays

Birds, squirrels, foxes and rats still search
To find enough to live in our way 
Close enough, but not as our pre...

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Lark song

Far from the high ridge the lark song

called out to love, hopeful and hopeless

reaching out to heal the lovers’ rift,

but the day broke over their stooping heads

and the saddened winter sun shone

its weary rays onto their hardened hearts.

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For You (That's Far but Near)

we have a different length of stay
news streak without cut
your face is often invisible
the taste of your flesh permeates the soul

boisterous charm of my heart
I hope you are always present
millions of blooms blushed
unable to reduce your beautiful fragrance

I know a lot of beetles miss honey
worry about flowers can't pass
the wind that passed was so soft
divert my flower from the c...

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The Siren

In silence

She stole his soul

In love

He gave his heart

What took him from his course

What gentle zephyr force

What brought him to the isle

What beauty did beguile

In silence

She sought his mind

In sorrow

He felt her tears

What held him to his aim

What subtle noble flame

What kept him on his deck

What held his lust in check

In silence

She tempted ...

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The Love Token

The withy cross now gold!

An interlace of old,

That endless pleter braid

Beautifully arrayed:

An ornate gem to show

That love will always grow

His token glows through time

An endless poignant chime.

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No Longer Lonely

in a short period that feels long
the time marker is so slow to reach hope
see your pretty face at first sight
starting with the flame of romance revealed

seconds of time in rhythm of heart beat
anxious fire stings the turmoil
not willing when passed without humming
the present sigh did not want to be quiet

twilight welcomes the moon
gloomy landscape decorated with lights
spoiled sel...

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The Morning Star

riding we drive a star
as far as we can shine
let's be even brighter
and let the whole world
to see us real

you and I are the morning star
together we are like gold
let's decorate the sky full moon
we shield the universe sky freely

the world looks up
to see our cheerful luster
the magic of perfect love
that we carry
let's show what we can do
all the star songs we sing


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Conversation in a Harbour Cafe

It was all in her eyes

When he said


He saw the tear

When he breathed





He knew her mind

When he stopped


Outside the mist rolled in

As ropes slipped off bollards


When he left

He heard her say



When the door slammed

He hoped she said





When he heard

It was all in his mind


Outside the engine sta...

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on the face I caught cloudy
sadness doesn't go away
even though it has been forced to sing
try to cheer up  your loneliness

raindrops wet the earth
touch me hope
the sorrow will disappear
if I could play the role of the sun
undoubtedly it was thick and thick

I breathe cold swish season
will my warm presence be necessary
hold ourselves intimate warmly
mix desires not to be frozen


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half dream half real
your face is present charm
enter the heart space
has been locked in silence

in a sensory virtual frame
knitting orange memories
involve human heart braid
change sadness to happiness

thousands of flowers
make a fragrant soul
decorate jokes of conscience
the promise is expressed
in beautiful words for all the time

in real worldly wandering
swinging steps hit ...

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The Scribe and his Lover

I weep for his skills:

                the perfect crafting

                of the calligraphy


She sighed, "Forge me the seal of our love"

She sighed, "Render yourself to me"

She sighed, "I am your vellum"


I weep for her artistry


He saw the curves, the loops, the cursive strokes:

                flow smoothly from his nib



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Ernest Hemingway (Rules of Writing) My Own Hemingway Poem

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was quite an interesting man. He had a certain way of writing; a certain set up. Back then he once states,"The writers job is to tell the truth." everytime he was stuck while writing he would remind himself of this. Start off with the truest sentence you know, it could be anything. Use short sentences and short paragraphs but have multiple sections, don't just let it ...

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ernest hemingwaylovepoemspoetry

About You

about you ...
your fingers are tiny flexible
hand-held soft desire
vibrating romance more beautiful
our passion is cordially welcomed

about you ...
your skin is straight yellow
stroked my passion fascinated
turmoil increasingly touched intentions
I kissed your cheeks pink blushing

about you ...
you hair is black and bright
touch my desire for outlets
amazingly fragrant
make me wi...

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I Wanna Make Love with You

I wanna make love with you
let my fingers caress gently
crossing the curves of your body
let the spoiled movement wrap
washed away in your beautiful hair

I wanna make love with you
your lips are splendidly full
I warmly turtle each other
let it pull out the body's desires
and our love is increasingly intertwined

I wanna make love with you
moist eyes stroking all of you
your body is...

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Fool's game

Fuck it, I will let myself fall

I'll allow my stupid heart to get broken

Hopefully you're worth it

If you're not, then perhaps I deserve it.


You could be everything

You could be nothing

You could be the highest of highs or the most epic of lows

You could be my ebb, you could be my flow


You could be just one night

You could be the love of my life!

You could b...

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Just A Mere Daydream

I want you on my lap
both of us enjoy the beautiful night
staring at the moon starred
whispered spelling our hopes

I want to rub your smile
with a warm loving look
convincing you of my true nature
embed white love in the niche of your heart

I want to warm my darling
through a soft kiss on your forehead
so that you absorb the sincerity of my love
always united with the smell of love


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New love

My darling, sorry for the delayed reaction

but this time I feel it, electric attraction


Most days you're literally all I think of

somebody save me, for you I am odd 


Tell myself I will take it slow

that just ain't my style though


Whenever we say goodbye

I instantly dream all about the next time


You are fascinating, liberating, you're so intoxicating. 


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Love that transcends rejection

After I lost you,
If I stop
You to adore
Or begin you to abhor,
I never loved
You before.

Even if I am aware
You are no longer mine
I will take that fine.
Exchanging with you
A greeting
By itself is a
Nice thing.

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Romantic Desire

even though we're more certain we'll meet
but there is still anxious confusion
my longing is mounting in my heart
can't wait to count the ticking time

the interwoven words unravel the taste
you remind me I'll be disappointed
but my answer to you remains the same
I love you just the way you are

I've prepared a truly heart
but there was always pounding
I want to be the best for you

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Our Love Will Last Forever

your eyes keep your heart soft
gently your smile implies sincerity of your love
you are the most beautiful gift of my life
I feel peace in our every moment

it feels like a dream of our encounter
every blink of your eyes is a light of peace
your smile is my comfort
flowing sincere coolness of your love

your smile makes me not want to get away from you
although there are not many words ...

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Script Without Words

before you really go
leave a quiet piece of your heart
please stay a moment
although only for a piece of the story
we don't change it
flowing beautifully in surrender verses

here the season is still loyal
storing stripes of love
which marched in the sea of letters
without words

it is difficult to write
my longing for you
as blue as a clear sky
which I painted with a rainbow


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