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Arrogance Immunity

Here comes arrogance again,

slipping into our conversation

like bacteria on a sneeze,

threatening to strangle

my humble light of being.

The challenge is to continue talking,

without letting it infect me.

My soul gives yours a wink,

understanding that compassion

is the antibody. 

# # #

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Sins of the sacred

Music fades away when you arrive
Spreading the doom with every stride
The stare of hatred locked in your eyes
Sinister cravings behind sacred lies

You want me to beg
You want me to look
You want me to bend
And follow your rules

Judging from throne made out of gold
Taken from people that you control
Deep in your cave, the smell of decay
Surrounded by slaves, you feist on their brain


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Night comes to an Indian ghost town..

footsteps follow well-trodden paths through an inkwell of darkness

upward toward a hidden citadel

where apparitions of inhabitants welcome the returning..


Evening swans are still singing in the ruins down below

to defy the arrogant rooster whose sure his day will come;

and who fills his barn with domestic fare and

sleeps in a snare of...

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