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The things we say

1.The things we say


I suspect we are all guilty

Of saying things that just don’t make sense.

There are, of course, those oxymoronic little sayings

We all trot out every now and again.

I am guilty as charged, it’s an open secret

Old news if you will and, I would bet,

Even odds you have done it too.


So, whilst I silently scream and think “good grief”,

I do still ...

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FunI love my words

My words

 My words are my weapon, my defence.

My words may redeem me or hang me out to dry.

My words maybe truth, they may be lie.


They are the thoughts that I can’t hold in.

The criticism I take on the chin.

My words can make me a great friend or a crap enemy.

They show me to be a bitch, a sweetheart, an idiot, educated?

My words reveal things about me that I could oth...

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