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On the Cards

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Royal Flush:


Prep School

Eton College

Oxford University

Prime Minister.


Busted flush:



Somewhere else

Stockport Jobclub



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Cards - December Collage Poem

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Stressful, unbearable,

caged predator breaks free


Steady and purposeful

pouring like a lover's fountain




It was something out of control


Whoever is to blame, only One can save


Sweet baby sweet or would you rather

have it salty?


Kinky magic waved her wand of golden dust

"It" may have a great deal to answer for...


Slate remains, s...

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Liquer in the front

Poker in the rear

You can go down to the pub

If you only want a beer


.........I'll get my coat!  ;)

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The Futility Of War

Death, The Dealer,
The final deck of life.
No hidden agendas,
Just a cold slate to wipe.
With hand and sword,
With rock and stone.
With shaft sailing, deadly,
Through grey skies, alone.
The smarter the weapon,
The reaper delights.
A fulsome harvest,
Of terror and cries.
Split the atom,
And split the odds.
Split the procee...

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Sir Bruce Forsyth - Knight of the Realm

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"Nice to see you

To see you nice".

Tip-tapping in waistcoats;

On the noble steed that is

Tess Daly.



Wielding his chin

Like a sabre,

And winning the nation's

Favour, "'Cos

That's the name of the game".



He's not a king,

Queen or Jack.

He's not even "higher

Or lower" - he's a knight!

Bruce Forsyth:

Knight of t...

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