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Liquer in the front

Poker in the rear

You can go down to the pub

If you only want a beer


.........I'll get my coat!  ;)



FIREFLY (Revised) ►


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Ged the Poet

Mon 6th Oct 2014 10:10

Just feeling a bit mischevious at the time of posting it. Very short piece and play on words to bring some humour to the forum. (Razor blades, tablets, map to the bridge... all in Room 101)!
Thank you for your kind appraisals... a smile on your faces... my work is done. :)

Rose Casserley

Sat 4th Oct 2014 12:59

and heres me thinking all Anglesonians were a pure breed!tell me Daniel,does butter really not melt in your mouth?....yeah right!! haha!!...x

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 3rd Oct 2014 09:39

I'm getting mixed messages here D. Is this a poem abt 'choice'? or abstention? or abstemious acts of...erm or suitable attire when having...hmm...

Travis Brow

Fri 3rd Oct 2014 07:00

It's early, and it took me a minute to suss this out. Then I chuckled.

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