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There …where the taste of silence is strange and forgotten,

There ... where the pastel sky floats and is  underfoot,

There ...where  the streets are shivering in a foggy mood.

                           They need snow.


There … where the face of Earth is changing the poles,

There … where some kilometers of the rain are endless

There... where the ships  kiss  t...

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Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!


Hurry up to fall in love!

Be surprised how beautiful it is!

Hurry up to speak of love!

Realize that these words can anyone please.


To give yourself to others –

What happiness it is!

All people are sisters and brothers

Take care of friendship, please!


Don’t hide the feelings of admiration!

It’s a foundation of love creation.

Use your brai...

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I Was Always Sure, Now I Am Not.


I was always sure that….

Tomorrow will come.

I’ve heard it from my mum.

That was in old days.

Today those bright rays

Happened to be in a haze.


Today I am a little bit confused.

My childish insurance is reduced.


I am not sure in tomorrow.

I thank God if it doesn’t bring me sorrow.

I’ve stopped looking for the truth.

What’s the use?


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To be a Goth, do I have to suffer so? Have loneliness burn into my soul, sadness fill my heart, loss bring me to my knees?

All I have is my life and a few songs to help me by in this endless grey world of mine,

no Goth girl to save me, no real escape from this morose existence to gain ascendancy to the heavens.

A soul mate I yearn for, to escape the barest mini...

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lifedarknessaloneendsuicide held at baymusicgothic



I am tired to hear your lies.

I am tired to love tired eyes.

I don’t want to listen to your cries.

I would love you to be... a bit more wise.



Or it could be better to say it like this:


I’m fed up to listen to lies,

I’m fed up to love tired eyes,

I don’t want to argue any more,

I’ll better new lands explore.          

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It’s hard to leave you all behind

all those times we laughed together,

once my friends but now no more.

All the special girls gone for good,

“Yes I’ll love you forever more”—

now just an aching memory.

Where are they now?

Do they think of me or block me out?

If only I could say sorry to those I’ve hurt,

turn the cloc...

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Strange lights in the sky tell that something is wrong.

The continents are shifting and our planet is dying

in her ageless agony.

When the world splits open we will all perish

in Armageddon, but a new beginning will finally come.

It will take so long, maybe fifty million years

but who then will inherit the earth?

How long can man really stay he...

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What is more important?


Two men were asked one question:

What is more important – happiness or health?

The first one answered:

 Certainly happiness!

Another one said:

I would be glad if I had health,

I would change it for all my wealth.

Do you ask me why?

Here is my reply:

You know, some days ago,

I have, at last, met my happiness.

But….Damn! Damn! Damn!

I don’t wa...

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A Quarrel


After a morning quarrel with his wife

A husband has got a terrible life.

After work, coming back home,

He finds a warning syndrome.

It’s a note lying on the table:

Honey, I think you are able to heat up the food,

Today I am in a bad mood,

So, to cheer me up I went to my friend

To watch the film with a happy end.

The food is already on the stove.


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You only feel lonely when you’re in a crowd
Say you need peace and quiet then turn the music up loud
Only feel let down when you’re being held up
Say you’re okay, and then almost erupt
Only feel my presence when I’m far away
Only say go, when you want me to stay.

You speak words of wisdom and act like a fool
Set high standards for others, then break every rule

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PoetryLovereal lifelifeLove lost

You know, it happens that...


You know, it often happens that…

People love one another.

They give love to each other in return.

In love affection they both burn.


It also happens that love is cut off

By someone’s an invisible measure.

That measure  just scoffs,

Forgetting that love is a treasure.


It happens…love is boiling of passion

And someone becomes the universe.


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I’ve learnt to understand that….

A prohibitive degree of inner freedom –

Not a caprice but a strain.

Up to the end it will remain!


I’ve learnt to understand that….

The tales we dream up

We write out of our own head.

And…. we should cherish that!


I’ve learnt to break up the rules,

So that no one should be hurt.

Using my own tools,

I w...

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So tell me, is it because I dared to do what I wasn’t meant to

that you turned against me?

Having feelings for my sworn enemy, doing the thing I was sworn

not to, my love turning me a traitor to my cause,

my religion and all my beliefs?

The way the cards fall are often the strangest hand of all.

To save an enemy from the grave, her grave,


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I live in the desert on my own little farm near the damn secret airbase where they do their testing. My grandpa saw your nuclear tests in the 50s shook our walls and gave him cancer. I sued the government and got $36,000 a fortune back then. Re-vamped this old farm and met a girl who worked at the base, her car broke down on the road and she became my wife. She ha...

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I’m one of the boys; I’m one of them who lives in my southern English town of Witches’ Elbow.

We just love it in our quaint little town by the sea, we chill out on the beach on the long summer nights, drinking warm beer and making love on the sand dunes knowing these moments will last forever.

I’m originally from the north and moved to Witches’ Elbow coz I ...

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movingnorth to southladsjoblifestoryseavillagejourney





She sings in such hushed vocal tones one second,

then she shatters glass in an attack of tragic beauty the next.

The truths and traumas of life seem so real and painful when her voice glides over them,

after all, isn’t this the life that you and I and her live?

We are all in the same boat on this rough ocean at the mercy of the gale.

If we...

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You’re a passenger of life livin’ out your remainin’ days on borrowed time.

You stick two fingers up to the world, life for you is not an oasis but it’s a charred blackened shell.

You steal from anyone to feed your dirty habit, as you slowly deteriorate in your own little hell.

When they find you dead in your bath, a load of needles by your side, w...

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Every generation has its own hard men

who rule the block, kick the new kids ass’s.

Who rule every bar, don’t take no for an answer,

are not to be messed with and demand respect.

They use the weapons of their trade, knives,

brass knuckles, guns, bats and more.

Take them away and their fists are a back up,

sure fire way of defence, offence.


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hard mentoughfightlifegeneration





So it is time, love is dead, I have no girl only desolate loneliness

spreading out inside me, sadness leaving tears beyond belief

in this dark hour of my blackness. Mental instability threatens

my very existence, brings trauma and flashbacks, past into focus,

fight as I might. Breaking down to cry in anger at my own loneliness,

find a knife in my...

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love is deadpainlifefailunhappinessdeath





I know a girl who is such a babe.

She walks down the street looking really cool,

not caring who looks at her ample curves.

You can’t have her coz she is mine

but I don’t mind you looking

but please don’t touch.

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Scotland, beautiful land, land of the sky, clouds
hugging your mountains, mist in the glens.
Deep black lochs full of mystery and monsters,
age-old secrets for very few to find.
Everyone can see the beauty of this land,
next to England but a million miles away.
Once we were enemies but now friends,
a country with so many moods and colours,
the sky, timeless in her ...

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My mate sent some song lyrics to me, by some band. I read them after reading my story on my nuclear armed stealth jet being used in anger. I’m trying to make sense of the cold war I grew up in now, so many years later. It’s so crazy. The younger kids have no idea but my mate does, he’s only 21 but he tries to understand what it was like growing up under the shadow ...

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I see what you do to your fellow man, bombing him with weapons that obliterate him and destroy all before it. No mercy at all. You get told to do, when to pull the trigger or to push the button, if you refuse then you die. Think what you do to women and kids, they can’t experience life.

Their freedom whipped away, a candle flame snuffed out. Men of other nations go to stop yo...

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I’ve been on an eight mile hike with my mate, getting out of town.                                                               

Up roads, to the Waterworks to give a witch my Amelia Earhart spell.                                                                                    

Venturing through farmer’s fields, over dry stone walls and under barbed wire fences.      ...

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Peace across the skies, across the continent, for now.

Across all those people, all those faces, all those minds and lives.

Many millions died for that peace, now only fragmented memories

gone forever, forgotten by this generation but remembered by

God and Satan. All the blood has dried into the cracked earth and

the guns are silent as we trust our...

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She is the girl from Sheffield who turns heads wherever she goes.

Her name is Anne and she is a uni girl, into bands and cheap student beer.

I met her on the bus while she was going gigging; she invited me along

and away we went to see the next big thing. At that moment I knew she’d

be mine, this raven haired girl from a foreign place unknown.


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Aliens don’t care about our plight, if you live or die, nah they don’t give a fuck. See a man shot dead, UFO could have zapped the shooter and stopped it. Grey aliens abducting drug dealers before they sell their evil drugs, not gonna happen!

What to do next? Ask the US president to do a protocol with aliens to stop crime on earth, would it actually work? What do we do? Do ...

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I want to die in a machine and get my limbs crushed and my blood thrown upon burning metal and to die, to die, TO DIE!! I don’t fit into this world, no day job moving shit brown boxes from A2B in a warehouse, no long term girlfriend to love me and be there for me when I feel down, few real mates to back me up balls to the wall.

See on TV speeding bikes w...

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hmmm is this about me...





All he ever wanted to do was to improve his life, make a better life for himself and not be a lazy freeloader. Certain people thought he'd never make it; this view rubbed off on him through time and really depressed him. He was determined to show them they were wrong, that he wasn't lazy and could prove something to first himself, then them and finally the world.


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Slowly gliding
upon gentle waters
absorbing warmth
and sunshine
from the sky
Tall grass swaying
breezes fluffing
soft feathers
friends land
and bob for food
from my reverie
by the jangling
of the phone
I turn from
my office window

Sighing as the boss
calls my name
I realize
that a mallard
I envy



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In the belly of the beast, dwelling within where the monster can't get to me, I'm safe for now. Will the beast stir and sense me inside? Find me and pull me out of his gut? Am I Jonah inside the whale? Safe or ask risk? Time will tell. Thinking I'm going to be free when I'm out there in the world, my world keeps ...

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THINK poem

Do you want to renounce violence against other people on a personal scale and on an international level, where countries are bombed and shelled? This isn’t good, people are injured and die. Think what happens if I hit someone and kill him with one punch, this does happen. If a mortar falls and kills a dozen people in a busy market place.
What does it solve? Each person has a relative ...

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unreal poem on a crazy sad event


Young French woman is very pregnant and about to give birth to a baby. She lives in a remote area so the air ambulance helicopter is called, a state of the art Eurocopter with a highly trained crew. Modern helicopter and trained crew, they know what they’re doing. Pick up the girl to take her to hospital, arrive in style in a cool chopper. Time moves on exceedingly fast, medic ab...

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Can't Be Indifferent


Honest people can’t be indifferent

To the satiation in Great Britain.

I was just smitten

By the news in the net.

The jet of vandalism has met with …

Was it a debt, which was kept….?

Can’t say where and in what,

But …some people forgot:

Democracy of our society

Looks like who is more mighty.

Alien war. Is it really an alien?

The human beings are ...

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lifepoliticsmanchester evening news

confrontational history


if we looked at history
on a multi-plane spreadsheet
and compared the goings on
in each particular era
we shall find that at any given
period, no matter the advancement
there inevitably at a cost lay revealed
atrocities, genocides, discrimination
prejudices, and a lack of conscience
that marks the brute in humans
poets have also been present
ever a...

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poem on my ex and a decade on when we passed 1 another


You don’t see me;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 you ignore me totally cos I mean nowt to you.                                                                          ...

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ageingwomanex girlfriendignorelife

Our Mistakes


How often we make mistakes

And lose those who are dear.

We go to those who our hearts break,

Do not notice the only one who is near.


Trying to catch somebody's fancy

We run away from the nearest one.

Forgetting your fiancée

The betrayal was done.


We run to the one who once has left us,

We ask that one again for help.

As a result we see j...

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I Love


I love,

But seldom speak about it.

I love,

But much tender as before.

I love,

But a bit more careful.

I love,

And with each day much more.

I love,

But not for everyone to see.

I love,

And my love is a glee.

I love,

And I will never regret.

I love,

And I will never forget

Those  beautiful sunrises,

Those innocent lies,


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And what will be then?


What will be tomorrow?

Tomorrow will be April.

Hearts will be struck by the love arrow,

They will not be stable.


So, what to do now?

Is it just natures caprice?

Allow your feelings be somehow avowed!

Don’t let your feelings to crease!


Look for the truth in the gentleness of spring!

Ding, ding! Listen to the bells ring!

Forget the trouble...

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one life

love is forever

so is life

one feeds the other

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Icarian Malady


When I found the time to be
I found that time had passed me by

When my dreams had set me free
Life set its bounds upon the sky

Should my spirit soar above,
My wings the blazing sun would pluck

Should my soul find love
You'd find my cards had no such luck

And though we know the end,
we jump into the cloudy veil;

we quest for dreams, though bound;

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My book Air of Fall

Have a look at my book and any feedback appreciated , had a problem with the link but if you go to and search air of fall will see it immediately

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It is the way it was

My legs were open

My heart was closed

What a way to be

But that was me

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My Way


I go my way night and day.

Sometimes I doubt and want to shout,

Can’t sleep at night and….

Not so sure if I was right.

But I go my way night and day

With the alarms and worries,

With the flurries and hurries,

More often with beautiful sunny days,

Sometimes with colds and rains.

But in the distance I see the dawn,

It illuminates my life and my dreams...

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Life is the sun in the day time.

Life is the beautiful chime.

Life is the moon and the stars at night.

Life is the birds flight.

Life is the mountains you climb.

Life is to share the last dime.

Life is a tale, a big surprise.

All around look so nice!

But if you see life in different way

With only dirt and violence

And don’t hear the silence,


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Bemused Rumination


the balm of barometric exuberance.
this night
no longer young, dissipates.

the dewy welcome of sun-quaffed green.
revive severed umbilical dreams.

the present with fleeting acumen.
ceases yet emerges again tomorrow.

the kindling of autumnal reticence.

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lifeexistencelivingcarpe diemjoie de vivre

The joy of fading memory


gnarly fingers
veil his face,
skin thin and crusty
at spots:
splotched parchment
of years in the sun

from his forehead to
his chin
then meets gravity;

through his soil-grimed
singlet, jeans and boots;
hours of toil
simmer away
in rivulets
of forgetfulness.


Photo by Eric Kaufman, NC


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. . . . . . . . . . ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫♪ ♫ ♪ ♫♪
the strains of music dying.....
s o a k e d in a r i v e r of dreams
to be swept by d a r k c u r r e n t s
gurgling in the deep of night

the dragon's seductive breath
floating through windows and doors
billboards and neons glowing
cloying fast on roofs & floors

the children await wide-eyed
fed with what th...

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I Love You, I Love You Not


I love you, I love you not

You laughed at me and I forgot

Forgot the day we’ve met

There’s nothing I would regret


So many hearts were broken by you

But you don’t care and hell with you

It seems to me you never loved

And nothing could excite your blood


How much I want to say I hate you

How much I want to be with you

You are just heartless...

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Seek and you shall find....


i will not be scorched
by the flame of another
i shall keep my fire
fueled only by the pure
kindling found deep
within the terrain
of my wooded home

the sun shall bring
enough light by day
and a torch well-lit
shall provide steady
footsteps to tread
the dark by night

[as I search for what
I cannot find or name]

no light save by the moon

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