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Shit I've done

I snapped 

a picture

of my waste,

to post as art

too much in haste


for all the critics

questioned taste,

maybe my confidence

was mis-placed.


But all the same

a prize was won

with me so proud

of shit I’ve done.


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The late Darwin’s Theory on Relativity

A feller called Darwin went in a canoe,

Lost at sea presumed dead it appears,

But he turned up and said he hadn’t a clue,

Where the hell he had been for the last seven years.


A Panamanian lad threw some light on the case,

He recognised the man and his wife,

From a picture he had, with his and her face

And their bag full of swag from insuring his life.



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Poverty Is

entry picture

You think poor is…

One car not two

semi, not detached

the right school

the wrong brand

the wrong label.


I think poor is…


thick enough to pick at

cardboard soles

in shoes with holes

and stains that don’t

wash clean.



we know poor is…

the curl of a lip

in a hostile world,

the shame

of not fittin...

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