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Brittle Wings


This is the end of the Wings series, yes the Gods did play a cruel joke on both of us. We were incompatible.   The lady flew back to Sweden and I moped for a week or two.

Too Brittle

Wings for me
Feather so light.
Too brittle
For my rough way.
Yours from art
Mine from the mountain.
Flying bird
Flying high.

You escape from
A love.
Escape you have
Love will search for anoth...

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Broken heartsLoveWings seriesInternet dating


Astrologist advises caution
Don’t be an idiot he says.
I feel he is a skeptic
Soul of a charlatan.
Many would predict
Fortune and fame.
Disaster, lottery and love
I just seem to know.

Not immune from failure
Feeling a fool.
I just know you will be here
For us to love together.
I am resolved not to doubt
But logic dictates.
A contingency to avoid
Disappointment, hurt and hate.


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lovewings seriesastrologist


If music be the food of love
I wish to hear more.
Louder and Louder
Rising to crescendo.
Loves orchestra, wind and strings
Timpani and bass bassoon.
Conducted by the moon
Music to accompany our duet.

Written in the stars
Lines in the milky way.
Falling from the sky
Butterfly and owl the notes.
Natural music, soft, sensual
Likened to Pans’ pipes.
Enchanting, delighting
Moving us to...

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musiclove poetrywings series

Waiting to Fly

A thousand miles
Flying wings tremble.
Fiery, weaving, dancing
Healed wing.
Circling no more
Destination true.
Gliding, pulsating
To my arms.

To Cyprus Isle
Waiting lovers heart.
Destiny sure
Love pure, true, yours’.
Unsure, think
Read the lines.
Here I am
Waiting, anticipating.

Sitting in terminal
Is this right?
Am I a fool, doubt natural
Love awaits, courage.
Hearts can u...

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wings serieslove poetry

Internet Dating

Have we transcended
Broken some rule.
Disturbed the harmony
Disrupted the Universe.
Stopped time, changed
Set a trend.
Broken the mould
Found a new way to send love.

Universe opened
Doors, tunnels.
Way in for lost souls
Stuck in the waiting room.
Waiting to find
A similar heart, perfect match.
Is it a key or latch
We are in and we will stay.

Giving comfort and succour
Lift eac...

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Lovewings seriesinternet

The Fairy

I looked under every leaf
Today for the fairy.
Who must be here
Teaching me love.
To write to you
Poetry and verse.
From the heart
My very core.
Where could she be
Hiding so cleverly.
Darting from bloom
To bloom, flowery.
I want to speak
To her asking for.
More magic
Never let it stop.
Bring her to me
Safely alighting.
I feel her wings
During the night.
Fanning my dreams

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Lovefairywings series


From the 'Wings' series


They announce the occasion
White for the virgin.
Black for death
Red for love.
Pink for a girl
Blue for a boy.
The loudest colour of all
Embarrassed cheek of girl or boy.

We have had them all
Confetti in our lives.
Throw me red rose petals
Shower me with love.
Spray me with your rainbow
Dazzle me with your spectrum.
No need for pots of gold at the en...

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love poetryflowerswings series

The Pearl

From the 'Wings' series

Dark ocean deep
Oyster clamped fast.
Imprisoned pearl   
Holding breath swim
Upward shell in hand.
Blade struck Sunshine
Polish with a kiss.

No gold rich enough
Can fashion a mount.
For such shape divine
Lustre and Opaque.
Shining light
Shimmering wing.
In heart my forever.

Thrown high in the night
The  pearl.
The moon shining lig...

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Lovewings series

A New Day is Dawning

Continuing the 'Wings' series


A new day is dawning
To learn and embrace.
Soul mates have met
Connection of spirit and love.
New photographs to take
Emotion to explore.
Allowed to live again as one
We will be whole again.

If time was wood
It could be carved to suit.
If time was smoke
It would disappear.
Time moves slowly
When you are not here.
When you are here
It will stan...

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Lovewings series

Keep them furled

A follow on from 'Wings'

Keep them furled round my body
Around and in my heart.
Softness of down
Piercing my mind.
Forever and forever
We are fated.
Drawn to this
We are made as one.

No chanting,
Mantra, Hari Krishna bell.
Third eye, Cross or Mosque
We are chosen by each other.
Childlike we are
Young and aged alike.
We know we love
Salvation from hurt.

Removed from lonelines...

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lovewings series


My first poem, written in the mountains in Northern Cyprus.


With one wing he
The evening gently with her.
She did not see, but I think felt
The warm air change;
Did not see, but knew
Her wing was healing.
Guessing his hands and heart moved
Weaving the scented air.

Flying in circles
Through owl starred night.
Cannot see but feels her
Smiling, moving warm air.
Gliding on the ai...

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wings seriesdreaminglove poetry

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