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Masks And Whiskers

half-dead they do linger

machines tinkle and purr

medics swathed in plastic

distressed humans a-stir


beneath ICU wards and

amid odd cavities galore

smaller fauna breathes

distant the muffled roar


who considers the mice?

they live in hospital too

a big enough challenge

without this virus stew


if you listened carefully

on dozing wards at night


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Sick Santa

social distancing scorned

masks impede his beard

visor scares the reindeer

spooking as he steered


medics shave his whiskers

off with red festive attire

reindeer pining for Santa

cough softly at their byre


tube down Santa's chimney

no more season's greetings

in a coma Christmas begets

few hale or hearty meetings


drones take Santa's place

icy pla...

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