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The horrible truth about benefits

The benefit system is a joke
It pays the disabled less
Than those who doss,  drink and smoke
Pre-paid prescriptions for those who don't need it
And those who need them, struggle to pay, ending up sick
Medical necessities are not very cheap
Even painkiller prices are getting quite steep
And for those who's health is farthest from good
Its hard to get by when you can't walk far, before falli...

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Here There Be Demons

entry picture

Here There Be Demons

there is a small terraced house
on the dark side of Benefit Street
where a mother lies with cancer
and a child has nothing to eat
where a father kicks anything that moves
whether wife or child or dog
then drowns himself in self pity
and rancid numbing grog

when he leaves he leaves a hole
as wide as any pit
and a family who cannot cope
without their benefit
it ...

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