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The rain has fallen down for twenty hours
from a dead sky of slate and granite hews,
dampening the walls of urban towers.

Cobbled streets the colour of an old bruise,
tyres rattle over pothole dark drains,
counterpoint to some distant splashing shoes.

The day cast in monochromatic stains
as water forms itself into a lake
that eddies into inner city lanes.

A passing car cre...

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            This is not freedom!

It is not the sum – the total of all

I feel inside,

It isn’t my wish, demand or collaborative

Appeal against conviction,

It is the drugging up of sanity

For the profanity that is my home.


It isn’t social housing but a cursing

Of my very own exis...

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urban living

Wimborne Road

Sorry for Leap Frogging here, this is the second draft so I had to remove the old one. Big thank you to Alan Morrison. This is a response to his last entry. Thank - You. x


 Wimborne Road



             I ran along such a road once,

The Wimborne Road the track - a point to point

Racecourse jockeys use to please a crowd,

            The bets, illegal and legal ...

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urban living

Daubed Clock of an Architect

 Daubed Clock of an Architect



Shove ‘em’

Shove ‘em’ in the cities for

You don’t give a fekk!

            Let them psychically rape

Each other through cardboard disguised as brick,

Let them steel and rob, kill and hate

For the creation made in spite; the

Claustrophobic environs ‘you’ know,

Humans were never meant to live!

            Let them s...

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urban living

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