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An encounter with the past

I remember being told to,
'You can do nothing'.
A memory that came like a flood,
Only this morning.
I pass by several faces,
That I've been seeing for years.
But today I saw one,
That reminded me of the days of tears.
When the people I relied on,
Pointed fingers at me.
When I was mocked and laughed at,
And what I really was, no one could see.
The times when people told me,
I didn't fi...

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hourglass years erode our dust whirling into rottenness
when spirits learn to trust, they're armored whole with righteousness
attend the suffering hearts, seeking, we are not alone
childlike, our simplicity, until our hearts turned to stone
drifted by our wastefulness, a reason for us to mourn
the heart is remade by trust, yet still, so much needs reborn
true, the angel conflict won that cer...

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Fall On Me

What I recount here wasn't a dream
Clouds cracked open a spotlight sunbeam.
Pinpointed on me, whose mind was in sorrow.
I desperately needed a job by tomorrow.
At the end of my rope by the cold reality,
our dwindling supplies were depending on me.
Stranded in Hawaii, before traveling the earth,
We went there for training to share the new birth.
Sold everything we owned, flew as a family.

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