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Snow Fields

The soft blown snow that fell five days ago

Crisp frozen now by these five frosty nights

Still blankets all the fields and moors to show

Where pheasant clattered off on noisy flights

While footfall of the lesser birds is scribed

Less deep; and here a small bank vole has run;

There passed red fox and rabbit side by side

Though time kept them apart and saved the one

At the wo...

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Gently caressed by the breath of the breeze,
branches sway atop tall lofty trees.
Restless leaves, to gnarled fingers, cling
wondering what freshness the new day will bring.

Hopping about on long leafy arms,
fluttering feathers displaying delicate charms.
Beautiful songbirds sing out their sweet melodies
in the grand performance of natures sweet harmony.

Bushy tailed...

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Nutty Squirrel

This squirrel is crunchy nuts

like Kellogs.

He's oats so crazy.


He makes Hammy look

placid, docile.

And with a cheeky smile

wrecks havoc on Hampshire.


It'll take more than a New Forest

to stop this rabid squirrel.

He subjugates snails

and bullies badgers.


Bonkers, he th...

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