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Who Say's I Can't Be Happy All The Time

Singing and dancing makes me happy all day,
It makes me happy in every single way,
Who says I can't be happy all the time,
If I was then would that be a crime,
I now know I could live alone,
Because my heart and soul has really grown,
I used to try and share my joy,
To every girl and boy,
I'll keep it to myself,
Even if I get left on the shelf,
Because nothing bothers me anymore,
I will...

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Song Of Your Underground

Song Of Your Underground

This will be the song of your underground
A tune that will reach you six feet below
A tune that will reach you above and beyond
I hope you hear every note I sing

Your energy still gets the best of me
There are portraits of your face
Posted up on the timid walls of my mind
So I don't have to get over you

It's called death because it's the end
And there were moment...

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Chatper 24: Melody

What's that sound?

Is it a heartbeat?

A hummingbird singing?

It’s the sound of the crowd singing along with me.


It's so beautiful.

Like keys to a piano.

I can hear the crowd screaming “Hey, sing louder now,"

I have to show them what it’s like to be in love.


I have been living behind these four walls that I called my mind

Surrounded by uneasy thoughts and panick...

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boygirlsinging songsStage

Chapter 20: The Music is Gone

Back on the grand stage again

The place where I feel so comfortable

Well, where I used to feel so comfortable

Something doesn’t feel right


I don’t the feel the music anymore

The source of my happiness

It’s like the sun has burnt out

Like the moon has lost its glow


I want to sing but my voice keeps breaking

I want to play but my fingers keep shaking

Just stan...

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girlinternal strugglesinging songs

Singing Along To All Those Torch Songs

The voices of heartbreak 
they vibrate through the car
the voices of soul-ache
pour like water into this space

Next to that flawed, trembling voice
I lay my own
to that cracked and warbling voice
I add my own

That’s me
singing along
that’s me
singing along
to all those torch songs

The starkness of stripped, blunt words
fills the hollow part of all I see
the devastation of stri...

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24 days before Christmas

24 days before Christmas Day.
24 days of cold chilly nights.
24 days of laughter, joy, and spirit in the air.
24 days where people are a little bit nicer.
24 days of giving to those in need of help
and to those we love and care.
24 days of playing in the glistening snow.
24 days of Christmas songs sung.
24 days of preparing for celebration.
24 days of counting down
'till Christmas Day.


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