Singing Along To All Those Torch Songs

The voices of heartbreak 
they vibrate through the car
the voices of soul-ache
pour like water into this space

Next to that flawed, trembling voice
I lay my own
to that cracked and warbling voice
I add my own

That’s me
singing along
that’s me
singing along
to all those torch songs

The starkness of stripped, blunt words
fills the hollow part of all I see
the devastation of stripped-back words
brings a sad warmth to my cold kitchen

To the weight of longing in those verses
I add my own
to the doorstep of such longings
I bring my own

That’s me
always singing along
to all those torch songs

Trudging through snow and wind
scarf pulled tight, gloves thick and stiff
thoughts are always dragged sideways
pulled away from the moment
and caught in the song
always caught by the song
and me; 

Always, always 
singing along
singing along for so long
to those torch songs…


(Dec 2015)

longingSelf-awarenesssinging songs

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Adam Whitworth

Tue 19th Jan 2016 22:41

Good one; hinting at deep feelings or strong principles, but in general, impersonal.

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