A Shy Shiraz

They say Cabernet Sauvignon pairs nicely with steak
Pinotage, they reckon, for cheese
Tempranillo is the choice for Mexican grub
But, I'm somewhat easier to please
I've tried a fair few "Reds", on a weekend night
While chilling to some melodic jazz
I've had the bold, the brave and the border-line nasty
But I've never had a "Shy Shiraz"
I once had a good round Pinot Noir
And ...

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red wineshirazWeekend

Sunday Shiraz

Cider made from apples dry
Cannot touch the mellow stance
Nor begin to feel the depth, which I
may gaze and flow in merry dance
When red grape bleeds into my mouth
sinking, tickling my tonsils keen
I cannot be but in pure ease
My mind blurs in a haze serene
Hark!  Shiraz brings a gush of spice
And fruit and smoke and peppers pure
A bold perfection can but entice;
The weeke...

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red wineshirazsunday

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