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Message to a racist

A ferocious sea of red, white and blue
Sieg heils and swastikas, Doc Marten boots
Shaven heads, braces and distorted faces
Driven by fear and irrational hatred
You think you're superior, sophisticated
The master race, ha! But your views are outdated
With your big fat round belly and your face like a pig
Your snarled lips as you yelled and you screamed and you hissed
At me, commie bitch, n*...

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Broken Bottles

It shattered across the floor

I knew this was coming, it was no surprise

I couldn’t take it anymore

Oh, the fire in his eyes


His hand against my neck

His breath against my cheek

I pulled away hoping not to wreck

Yet his presence felt so meek


The way he talked to me

The way he spat on the ground

The way he grabbed my knee;

It had me all turned around



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Bloody Showers

Bloody Showers

One time in a waking hour
I decided to take a long hot shower.
and to my suprise as i scrubbed,
I saw my knees, were red with blood.

Being dizzy from the night before
I couldnt recall the time i last snored,

"what happened last night?"
I dont remember..
Why my breast was bruised,
and my nails were shattered.

I only saw the day before,
because nighttime whistles, ...

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