Bloody Showers

Bloody Showers

One time in a waking hour
I decided to take a long hot shower.
and to my suprise as i scrubbed,
I saw my knees, were red with blood.

Being dizzy from the night before
I couldnt recall the time i last snored,

"what happened last night?"
I dont remember..
Why my breast was bruised,
and my nails were shattered.

I only saw the day before,
because nighttime whistles, but then distorts.

I put my head down,
while the water drip-dropped.
I then layed in the tub,
while my mind flip-flopped.
There were boys there right?

I tried to see.

When in fact blood dripped from my pink panties.
Across the tub there was a stain,
I wish i could remember
I was so fucking drained.

The drain washed away all this red,
Why were their past voices whispering in my head?
I put my head up to the water,
As i tried to remove this mental stain,

I finally turned the water off.
I stepped out of the tub,
and dried my skin till soft.
I looked in the mirror
and gasped at a sight.
I started to tear up,
it looked like i put up a fight.
My chest was a water colored canvas board, of mixed up colors.
While black was engorged.
My arms were red with little spots,
like little brownish chicken pox.

Fingerprints were there.
I wept in pain,
i just couldnt stare.

I dressed myself in sweats and socks,
trying to erase these voices that movked.
I went to my room and closed the door,
hiding from my mothers mighty roar.
4 a.m and soaked in questions, when will my mind rest?

I cant describe the memories I have,
reminscing just hurts so fucking bad.
But i will say out loud, that yes i was raped,
by multiple men, who tried to decide my fate.
This hurts my heart,
and mind aswell.
I cant even begin to tell this story 
to sell...

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<Deleted User> (16099)

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 19:28

prayers to you always ..let a healing begin..and I will always be here for a listen to applaude you.. to read and cheerish each and every word that you write..hello new poet friend

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Damon Blackery

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 07:29

This is really deep and it's awful that anyone has to know this feeling.

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