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This Mortal life

This mortal life

Seems thinner now


As we move away from

The old and sick relatives


Keep a safe distance

See everyone as a potential disease


This moral life

Seems thinner now


And in a darkened room, all alone

She sits tapping her fingers ,

Hoping the bell will ring

Or someone will call


Her mortal life

Thinner now

Passing away


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One's own company

In the etherical fabric

Something resides

Fears knit together

Truth mixed with lies

Silence is loud

Feeling out words

Reality & fantasy

Suddenly blurred

Inner world becomes

More real than outside

We ran from ourselves

Now we can't hide

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self isolation

End Of Days

Ends Of Days


The fact that I’m quite anti-social

Is a blessing in dark times like these

When you’re treated like a pariah

If you develop a cough or a sneeze

When they’re telling us to wash our hands

And not just after we pee

When I’ve been doing that for years

Because of my OCD


I’m also a bit of a hoarder

It’s always been one of my goals

To ensure I have ...

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