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My body is just cells to you

Torment is

Our bodies together
Soft skin on soft skin
Entangled tightly
Your breath heavy on my neck
A kiss goodnight on my back
My lips
start to relax
Warmth begins between my hips
Mind racing
My lips
start to drip
My desire
A scented aroma
Fantasies begin to play
Body begging to be played

A silent moan

A loud resentment 

Don't let it feel good, ...

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Expressions of turmoil

My face, screaming in silence.

Unable to contain myself, unable to hide

What's inside

Muscles forming without consent

Ripping through my flesh in dismay


They say

Look at yourself

Again, again, again, today.

For my emotions cannot be silenced

My insides demand, demand, demand

To be released 

Stop, they scream at me

Do you know how hard it is to be around


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Express yourself, they said.
Somehow I knew, but went ahead.
And as they recoiled, in shock
At the horrors under my bed

The fear and shame upon their faces
I've added to my box of haunted places
I join them, as me they mock
and hide my words when in their spaces


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