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I want to scream so bad, But how can I?

This is just another bad dream, one day I’ll wake from,

Another scheme of sleep paralysis on my throat, 

Like I owe them, I’ll pay my dues but not now.

Feels like self betrayal, I can't even trust myself.

Saw it coming but chose to stay loyal,

Trusting logic has been problematic.

Can't say it's not my fault, when it is.

Emotinonal War...

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Pathetic Fallacy


Droplets fall 
And puddles pool
And I am feeling the chill of lonliness 

Thunder claps 
And rainfall quickens to a roar 
And my words fall on deaf ears 

The birds are hiding away 
And the sun won't come out to play 
And we are emotional strangers in our own home 

How many times can we talk about the same thing without it changing? 
How many rainy days will there be

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