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A Hearts Prose

I didn't think I could love anymore.

That intimate passionate naive love seemed extinct.

I could see why he was so in love with her, she was lovable. I felt a hint of jealousy but of their love not of her or him. She had what i once had with him and I longed for that whether it was with or without him. I just wanted to fall stupidly in love like I had in high school before I knew how harsh l...

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Kissing her

Waking up beside her is a dream coming true
Can someone be perfect? or perfect for my soul?
As we date each other, seeing her is my goal
She smiles and my heart beats, wonderful steaming brew

Can we fulfill passion into streaming action
A kiss into great love, a hug into cuddles
Everlasting moments without any riddles
That my heart belongs there, in her palm's redaction

Can my brain fl...

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Past love

To be close

I'm going to see her, her wonderful beauty
I'm going to see her, her decadent white smile
I'm going to see her, exposing vibrant style
I'm going to see her, a twinge of ecstasy

I'm going to touch her, taste of wonderful lips
I'm going to touch her, hold her hand so tightly
I'm going to touch her, hug her near me firmly
I'm going to touch her, caressing those soft hips

To see and to tou...

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Past love


Will she wear a red dress? or will it be blue shade?
Flowery or fitted, hugging all her real curves
Showing the attraction, hitting the mighty nerves
To show skin or be prude, the guys will fight their blade

She doesn't know her deal is blowing my lightning
Making my heart tremble at her every sight
The passion is immense through the lasting blue night
Sunny days are coming, hot dance whi...

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Past love

Smile for me

I'm losing my battle with this cancerous growth
I know I have days left, maybe I'll go in weeks
I need to say this now, can't hold tongue in cheeks
That I'll always cherish my vow and friendly oath

You were wonderful friend, a lover of my mind
The brightness of your smile could lighten my sickness
Escaping the journey for the briefest quickness
And those moments lasted until latest declin...

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past love

Nature lover

The leaves are colorful and overly changing
Seeing that they'll soon fall and bury the green lawns
But the beautiful sight of the forest icons
As taking the pictures of seasons exchanging

From the grass to the snow, so are moments of life
The death of element means the birth of the next
As circles in events with cupidly effects
Finding disparity, unengaging in strife

Hearing wonderful ...

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Past love

Last ginger-ale

My ginger-ale is done, and I'm still so thirsty
Feeling the last savor, ever so deep in mouth
Wanting another taste as I'm heading down south
But can't find it in store, I thought I was worthy

Getting a taste of Crush, but tired of the sweet
The harshness of cola, doesn't do it either
Wanting combination in favorite mixture
Nothing comes close to it, the taste that is so neat

The last ...

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past love


Dance the night away, let your legs lead you blind
Music flowing around, the lights shining too bright
With the blink of her eye, he trembles of bad fright
Too nervous to look up at this beautiful mind

She is sweet, delicious with a smile of Venus
He is blind to her faults focusing on her speech
Her words are magical to his ears, it’s a leach
As her body sweeps him the night shows its lea...

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Past love

Island Girl

Her eyes share her feelings of this true gentleman
Her glance, her look, her stare makes his heart beat faster
Provoking sentiment of immortal laster
Vision of real loving of eternal Amen!

Her lips speak about life her amazing story
He is memorized by her moments of lust
As they approach climax, the remarkable thrust
That brings them together an absolute glory

Her touch drives him bonk...

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Past love

Only A Memory

Over my shoulder

 In the corner cafe, 

eyes wide open as if,

  I saw your face.

Emotions run through my blood 

  and veins,

missing you while you're gone,

I'm the only one to blame.

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