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A Poem For VE Day

There was joy that day.

Happiness, laughter

Strangers kissed and hugged one another

The streets were for dancing.

The roads and avenues closed for so long,

With the torrent, the throng,

Of destruction

And cruel heartless war,

Were open once more.

Now people sang,

Children could return home,

Jimmy could go to sleep in his own little room again !

Amid the pain and...

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A Hearts Prose

I didn't think I could love anymore.

That intimate passionate naive love seemed extinct.

I could see why he was so in love with her, she was lovable. I felt a hint of jealousy but of their love not of her or him. She had what i once had with him and I longed for that whether it was with or without him. I just wanted to fall stupidly in love like I had in high school before I knew how harsh l...

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