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I casually looked up 
from flicking through some book
and saw the way you stood
hell, we'd better look alive
while we've got the time

You met me by The Globe
the whole world waiting with bated breath
"are you in?" you purred
o, I'm in...

For one night only, we blew along the Southbank
I kissed you by the wheel
kissed you deep within the shadows
a thousand lights tied in the trees


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Londonmoonlightone nightthamestransience

Just another night

Wrapped in whiskey 

Tender words roll off your tongue

like how I roll this blunt for us

Car ride to a party we'd rather skip

Turns into an L ride that helps us tolerate

the people you call your friends

You allow alcohol to consume you

And I act like high is the new sober so you let me drive

Stumbling like you can feel the earth's rotation

I play the pillar

the earth's...

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alcoholdrinkingloveOne NightsexSMOKINGweed

One Night

Syllables pacing like P-Waves swayed in the Lithium light,
strumming on Quicksilver laughter, lovingly lashing the
night. Spinning semantics swirled skywards, startling  scampering
stars, as Lyssa leapt Leopard within her, wearing a tsetse fly
mask. Synonyms senselessly searing, sprinkled with Hydrogen
dreams, tasted the Ready-Meal vacuum of Neverland
freedom again. Sentences pendulum swingi...

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George StanworthOne NightSyllables

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