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"Someday you have to show me
Your beautiful place"
There is no "someday" anymore,
I wish I could tell you
That this is just a crisis,
A temporary closing.
I wish I could reassure you
About our freedom,
The written words
Would, still be valid,
Named by the city you love in.
Now they all forget
How precious they are,
Behave more like in the pre war,
Greeting Weimar,
100 years ...

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I Am the Person You Will Always Forget

I am the name that crossed your lips

Without meaning, without thought.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the face your eyes once saw.

They passed me by, but never lingered.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the distant voice calling your name.

You are unreachable and I am unheard.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the perso...

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empoweringmove-onnever forget



I’ve hope that the miracle I’ve asked my pagan Goddess for happens.

That my dear friend and fellow writer,

Charmaine Maeer, makes a full recovery

from the cancer that is murdering her.

Blond beautiful intelligent age 34.

Soon to be dead.

A spear in my heart,

me not knowing why her.

Except my dear friend fights with spirit and total love endures.


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