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Mediocre poets

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Mediocre poets


I’m surrounded by mediocrity

I can’t find no harmony.

No rhyming couplets, stanza’s in time.

Just jangled words are all I find


Like a juggernaut, In a sports car’s domain

Each one unique, superb, sublime

Jumbling along, trundling behind

A laurel wreath will not be mine


Upon the podium wordsmiths’ stand

Champagne in hand, they sound so gra...

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I'm a cliché (mused)

Mused/inspired by 'If only for a Moment' by Devon Brock


I'm a cliché, a subtle curve in the great cycle of life.
I hold the same importance in the grand scheme of things
as a drop of water or a grain of sand,
somehow autonomous
yet an integral part of an ocean,
or a monolithic mountain boulder,
a particle of mist in a hurricane
What next?
Perhaps we take the form of a hybrid,
a sa...

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