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Unlimited Mercy


It looked and smelled like the excrement
of a giant bull, a pile of you-know-what.
Then it moved.

A giant snapping turtle went to explore
after its customary swamping-grounds
were submerged from torrential rains.
Without intervention, it was stepping to
its destruction in search of another

It had ruled the same sewage
runoff swamp for several decades.
But now, it was...

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A Broken Heart Suffices


When a
Remorseful convert,
Astray that had gone far
Blemishing his /her soul
With Sin's tar,
Puts a broken heart
On the altar,
By far,
S/he could enjoy
God's grace
Or even
Win a higher place
In His face
Than a devotee,
Taking pride
In his/her deed,
Who oft mount
A spiritual war
Devil's way to bar.

It is with
A broken heart
The culprit
Hanged by the right
Of Jesus Christ

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