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Running up Moonbeams

Running up Moonbeams


Between life and death is a magical space

Where dreams are born, for you to chase

Some begin early and are dashed too soon

Others elusive, like the beams of the moon


Every once in a while as your path you traverse

From swaddled in a cot, to laid out in a hearse

Two souls will converge in a blending of time

As two become one, and in silent mime


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My memory

Even though he might seem
Cold and bitter but still glee
Will take him over that very moment
He thinks of days he spent with me 
Even though his heart might seem numb
But a broken smile is sure to come
The moment you will mention me
Will ignite the rumination spree
Even though he might appear  
Under the spell of swaying breeze
Still somewhere in his eyes you might see 
Memories of us t...

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Chapter 12:Her

entry picture

I never cared about my smile before.

But that changed when I met you

A wicked sensation went through my soul

And from there, Cupid began to work his magic


We’re just lovers from two different worlds now

I’m stuck down and you’re floating with the clouds

Could you send those honey butterflies to me?

Those honey butterflies that made me feel like I could fly


I still...

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Old Skool


Old Skool

We went to your old school,

in an area where crime is rife and drug dealers think they rule the streets.

What do you think when you see your old school?

Are your memories good or bad?

Were you bullied like me? Or have lots of friends?

Do you want to go back in time and spend a day in your school,

in your favourite lesson?

If so, what lesson?


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