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Small moments

With one small hand wrapped round my thumb

You gave me a vision of what was to come.


A memory I will hold forever

The smallest grip, but I will remember.


I'd stare at you all day long

In my eyes you could do no wrong.


You would sleep and wriggle on my chest

Out of everything I could do, this was the best.


In no time at all you'd stolen our hearts

And ...

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It's not your fault
Nor mine either
Just our time wasnt right
We had our own fight

Could I ever understand 
What love means to be?
Could you ever realize
That I wasnt meant to be

I am covered under a veneer
That's looks lovely and clear
But underneath is a dying soul
Which is engulfed in a black hole

Dont head for destruction
Give it up and live a new passion
It's only a black ...

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Rose lies on the piano keys.....


Rose lies on the piano keys.

It still hears the sounds of music.

Hopelessly dump it lies,

Echoes of love songs arise.


Glowing petals fade by the past shade,

With the yesterday’s love groan.

Black and white keys played

To the only one and his own.


Memories of the fingers remained.

They were beautiful love skill,

 A shrill cries of love an...

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loved one

More on a theme

The loved-one's aura

We often cannot see ourselves
As well as those who love us can.
Whilst aware of contour, shade and colour,
Even the highest definition vision, 
Will often fail to sense, the loved-one's aura..
If it's not that we are lacking in sight, 
Perhaps it's that near undetectable reflected light,
From the beholder's eye, that makes us glow so brightly.

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Loveloved one

The Dreamers


We have thought up each other


Once to meet and realize


You can be the only lover,


Intelligent and so wise.




You and I are so romantic


We can’t live without love dreams,


Only love protects from panic,


Only love can give us wings.




We don’t need riches and gold,


Reciprocity of fee...

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loved one

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