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My Life...

Sometimes when I close my eyes,
I can't help but wonder,
How You always make me smile,
Make my eyes shine so bright,
Convert sadness to cheerful delights,
Make me confident, to conquer the heights,
Push me through the dark, towards the blinding lights,
Fill my heart, with Joys for Life,
Guiding me always, to know wrong from right,
Giving me the Courage, Giving me Patience,
Carving me to ...

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Mother in my Share!

I wish, I could take birth again
to hug my mom, want to become a child again.

She never speaks ill
only she doesn't get angry on me

She's alive and so nothing can bother me
whenever I step out, blessings accompany me

She'll hug tight if something happens
she always shelters her children

But someone got house, someone got shop
I was the youngest one in the house, I got MOM!

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I know Amaa,

You taught me, how to love?

When you take care of me,

When I was a small child.


I know Amaa,

You taught me, how to make sacrifices?

When I ate and you don't

When there was no grain at home.


I know Amaa.

You taught me, how to read and write?

When you compels me every evening,

To write my name, when I ...

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