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Imaginary dog walking

Idly walking my imaginary dog

on the wiley windy moor,

listening out for Cathy calling,

a game I’d played before.


Indulging imagination,

my head engulfed in thought,

I didn't see the kneeling wench.

So shocked,

my fist she caught. 


Into the heath she backward fell

out cold as cold could be,

my dog attracted by a smell

mistook her for a tree.



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Dog walkingIntrusionMental IllnessRapeSolitudeViolence

Our Valued Lawn

entry picture

You only really win, having lost.

On the front lawn, all is identical until you notice it.

Every other blade you see its 50 shades greener than your own.

Those shades depend on light. Those blades gleam off light refracted.

Who has the light?

Every day you look, you stare, you glare

with a drink, with a book, with a chair, with a care.

Your care, carelessly, mi...

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american dreambladeconflictcontrolegofinancial crisisgrassintentionsintrusionlawnlightlonelinesslostmisplaced timemortgageneighborsself-reflectiontechnologywin

Question 17

Question 17 on the census form “is left intentionally blank.”

Pull the other one: there was a question there once.


Do you surreptitiously pick your nose

when you think no one is looking?

Do you have trouble sleeping /

get up in the night at all hours,

worrying about things left undone,

or things you did, and shouldn’t have?


Are you happy in your job/ ...

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