Technology can be a virus to society

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Remember when thing's used to be good,

musical sounds, movies the taste of our food

remember when we had such fun playing outside 

fishing running dancing going for a bike ride

A time before machines had us all hooked

when you'd go out for a meal and talk to each other and looked

When your parents would spend time with you

not online pretending to 

When you would burn off all those empty calories consumed

I look at this world and i see that we're doomed

Technology isn't a luxury anymore

it's a way a life it's becoming more

It started with television we sat and watched it 

Now kids these days on youtube watching shit

Acting all grown up with their own videos 

some parents encourage their daughters to act like hoes

Creating them instagram before they are three

Forcing upon them to choose their own sexuality

"Theirs 71 genders" Now that's just confusing

Don't they know it's their children they're abusing

let kids be kids don't force them to grow up 

to busy for them so you tell them to shut up

your children are precious they are innocent and pure

So love them forever it's you as a parent who has the cure

Technology is a luxury your children are a blessing 

put down your phone shut off wifi that's the real reason why you're stressing

what i'd pay just to go back before it all

talking face to face not with a phone call

No wonder we are distant and lack basic communication

It's a virus and it's plaguing the entire nation





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